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which modules do I need to do vector rescanning?
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Author which modules do I need to do vector rescanning?
i currently have no video modules but am interested in getting a small system together, initially to do vector rescanning.

i've got a CRO with a Z input and my case is a Doepfer P9 - which I think can supply enough current for video modules - I just don't know which ones I need!

where do i start?

You will need, at minimum:
Color video encoder
Video sync generator
Video ramps
Triple video processor
Thanks Johnny. And if I want to use my existing audio modules with video modules, do I need the "voltage interface"?
You can use audio modules patched right in,but many of the lzx signals need to be boosted so the audio modules can manipulated them( like video ramps into bridge, boosted levels to moddemix to get them to work together) so the voltage bridge or voltage interface can help but it's not necessary per say. Also Lars hinted he might do a module with bnc outs that get amplified to give you the right signal to pass the x, y, and z to an oscilloscope. Might, since a lot us us are interested in this technique.
Yeah, he mentioned that here...
Would be great to have such a product on the market to fill this demand.
The X & Y inputs on a scope usually have lots of sensitivity and work with small signals. The Z on the other hand usually needs a larger signal. And dedicated X/Y/Z video displays often do not have adjustable inputs like a scope does, so they would need amplification on all inputs.
It's also worth pointing you to the patch notes up here: _monitors
The wiki patch describes the traditional rutt etzra being achieved by patching xyz into the a inputs and adjusting c1 and c2 to get the traditional brightness to position manipulation. Is this also possible with the tvp? I've gotten oodles of manipulations with the tvp but nothing that resembles the traditional rutt 3d position look. seriously, i just don't get it
The basic concept is that you start with a horizontal and vertical ramp going into the X and Y input of the scope. You have the video signal going into the Z input of the scope. At that point the scope looks like a video monitor, with a raster made by the ramps and the video controlling intensity.

Once you have that, then mix a bit of the video into the two ramps and that makes the raster change shape as the intensity of the video changes.
Dave, I love you brother. It took a lot of fiddling, multiples, atennuators, head scratching, and confusion. But I'm getting pretty much what I had hope. I owe you a drink brother. Thanks. Guinness ftw!
Yep, like Dave suggests!
Just set up the H & V ramps on the "B" inputs of the TVP channels, and then mult out the video signal to the A inputs (going to Z input on scope as well.) Then you can add or subtract in little amounts from the ramps before they get to the scope.
Glad to help.

Chugging Beers
is there any other way to boost signals other then using stacking cables or other modules?
That's a good question -- Dave, maybe you'd know -- are there any pre-built, standalone high bandwidth signal amplifiers that may work in this context?

Voltage Bridge will give you a gain of 5, but it is not at video bandwidths (though serviceable enough for vector rescanning experiments, in my estimation.) I'd like to do a proper "vector monitor driving" module with integrated VCA/offset structure, and an adjustable high gain amplifier on BNC outputs for scaling to whatever you have on hand, and I probably will at some point.
I can't think of anything that is a stand alone high gain video amp. Most of those are sealed inside of things, like TV sets, and are designed to drive specific devices (like CRTs)

But they're easy enough to DIY.

My Jones/LZX level shifter module will amplify four LZX signals by x4 if you don't terminate the Jones outputs.
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