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Demo of Scratch Live controlling Video-SL
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Author Demo of Scratch Live controlling Video-SL
The Space Invader guys show off Serato Scratch Live controlling Video-SL. Now DJs are gonna all think they can be VJs too....

Some neat tech though. I can see the MIDI control part being something to exploit.
Not a huge fan, primarily because it's all in the preparation... and pre-edited video loops are boring.
Mind you, I don't mind it when used well - and a guy here, DJ Sampology, uses his Serato well by also triggering audio and video from his Roland MV8800 (there's an OS that allows video out via its VGA). But meh... needs more hands-on and creativity.

You're right about the midi control though, I'm pondering the potential of a live A/V show primarily based on hardware, but my friends an orright scratch DJ and incorporating Video SL for scratching video loops and otherwise using it for midi might be fun.
Might of interest to a few... Serato is doing a dedicated Video version, and retiring Video SL
Interested to see what new features are on offer, I can see myself purchasing a cheap Itch controller to play around on...
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