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doepfer SEM filter noise
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Author doepfer SEM filter noise
grape tony
hope someone could help with this.
just got a used doepfer 106-5 SEM filter. so far sounds great, but a good deal of white noise/hiss coming out of all outputs when the frequency knob is turned all the way up. happens whether there is anything plugged into it or not. this comes out of both outputs, and each mode when scanning from low pass to high pass. this noise is less subtle when the resonance is turned down but still noticeable.

wondering if this is a common problem, or a trim pot inside, or something.
ive tried moving it around in the case, still nothing.

grape tony
damn. help if you can thanks!
Have similar issues: 43cb6ccf4c4558481b0982c

However, I found that if I carefully set all the levels etc. it's useable.
grape tony
yeah, its there no matter what really. none of my other modules are having problems... ill still check the ground tho
I have the exact same issue. Did you find the source of the problem?
Herr Rausch
same here as well. I dont mind just a bit of noise but this thing is too noisy. otherwise it sounds really nice confused
(EDIT: Nevermind that didn't work at all..)

There are 2 blue potmeters on the pcb with a white screw, i turned both of them down untill the noise stopped. It worked for me, no mpre noise and the filter works as it should! Bare in mind that i'm a total noob so i have no idea what i just did.
Same problem with my A-106-5 white noise and hiss.
tested on different power sources - linear and switching.
I have the first version of Doepfer SEM with two CA3080.
Is version with one LM13700 less noisy?
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