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How to get some circles going w/ LZX?
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Author How to get some circles going w/ LZX?
I just got three VWGs this week, so I'm charging ahead with my completed (hah, right) box of LZX goodness. I have been able to coax some pretty nice curves out of it, but I want to know how to get some circular/swirl type patterns going... Like the moon in the new video (which is really cool BTW guys). I have a Topbrillo Wavefolder, Maths and a Pittsburgh LFO at my disposal.

hmm I know when i was messing around with a pair of the VWGs and a keyer, I has circles like this going, but many, filling the screen.
So your the one who bought up the last vwg! Damn you!
You have 3 vwg's and the basic cve and vsg? Single circular shapes seem trickier than they seem. I think you may have to use the tkg to generate a key to single out a shape. But using a horizontal from one, a verticals from the other vwg feed into the Maths might spawn some interesting shapes.
challenges like this drive me to "cheat" by pulling out my video mixer with a circular wipe pattern..... though it wouldn't have the fluid motion of the moon above.

edit: also, my order earlier this week for a VWG might have been one of the last ones too. sorry dude, but I can't wait to get some vertical bars scrolling!
Well damn you too then! hihi I knew I should have bought more than one.
If you used the mixer to get the circle from a different source you could feed it into the vsg then into a tvp modulated by a vwg. Or into the fm of the vwg for some interesting wobbles.
Just dropped 26 more VWGs off at UPS, on their way to Analogue Haven, but those will be the last for a while.

Typical circle patch I use involves TVFKG. Send one field-locked VWG's sine wave output to input A and a line-locked VWG's sine wave output to input B and crossfade them at about equal proportions. Take this crossfaded output and into a keyer (next channel on the same TVFKG, even). The key out will give you circles. Adjust VWG frequencies, sine shapes, crossfade mix, and key threshold to fine-tune the shape.

You don't have to use a crossfader to mix the two shapes. This could also be done with TVP or VBM. VBM's soft limiter outputs could end up providing extra waveshaping too.

Now, when you want to isolate a single circle, instead of just having a field of polka dots, that is more involved. The trick is to mask out the one portion of the image you want. The way I did it here is with two window comparators (using TVFKGs) and Video Ramps. You can patch up a window comparator using 2 channels of a TVFKG -- the patch info is on the TVFKG page on the LZX website. A horizontal ramp was fed to one window comparator and a vertical ramp was fed to another one. The window comparator outputs were AND'ed together (this can be done analog with a mixer by subtracting one from the other or with a boolean logic circuit). This patch gives you a rectangle generator where you have precise control over the left, right, top, and bottom edges of the rectangle. The rectangle was then inverted and subtracted from the circle pattern created as described above to create the moon.

All of this discrete shape generation is of course laborious. One reason for that is because it's not a specifically intended use-case of the initial set of LZX modules, which are more focused on the SuperNova 12 and Sandin IP style systems... although it's a credit to the power and flexibility of the initial module set that you can achieve effects like this regardless. We have two modules coming out which will make discrete shape/wipe synthesis MUCH easier, especially a 6HP Window Comparator and the 6HP Video Logic. In addition to those we have planned some other modules that will be useful for "shape" (as opposed to "pattern"?) synthesis like some configurations of flip flops, dividers/counters, etc. These types of features are more similar to UK designs like the Chromaton 14 and EMS Spectre than the American/Australian designs of the Sandin IP and SuperNova 12.
Yeah! Thanks for the vwg's and the great patch info.
It's also worth noting that the upcoming Triple Video Multimode Filter module will present some interesting options for adding a curve to a linear signal for getting ellipse and circular shapes -- like square to sine wave transformation is possible with a bandpass filter tuned to the right frequency, I believe.
Thanks a lot for the help.

Initially I was only in for two generators, but then, thinking like Goldman Sachs, I thought I'd start hoarding them and storing them in warehouses in Detroit then dumping 'em out into an inflated market when everyone is really desperate. twisted

Oh Lars, I really didn't want to go beyond 6u with this thing, but it seems like a powered-up 9u is going to have to happen at some point. Shoot.
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