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Volta UK/ EU
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Author Volta UK/ EU
People in the states are recieving their copies and the uk stores don't even know anything about the product yet.

What on earth is wrong with this company? The uk distributors claim that they have had no info from the states. Come on, people want to buy this, what's wrong with your marcoms / sales people? Are they unable to provide a simple shipping roadmap for different territories?

It's ridiculous enough that Motu are so blatantly disregarding of the environment and consumers wishes that they will *only* offer a physical copy of the app (despite v1.1 already being released so you must go to their website to download a copy). But, even more annoyingly no one can give me any info on the product in the uk.

I'll buy it but with gritted teeth and it will probably be the last motu product I buy. . .

Sorry to complain but on lots of levels this leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth.
I'm not sure that this is MOTU's fault. They probably send press releases to distributors, company buyers, and press people. If a distributor reads the press release and wants to carry the product, he contacts MOTU and buys some copies. If the distributor in your area doesn't know about the product or doesn't have copies in stock, I think that's the distributor's fault. Of course one could make the argument that MOTU could do a better job of spreading the word, but it's not valid if we assume that MOTU has done what any other similar company would do when they release a new product.

I can understand you're displeasure with only being able to purchase a boxed copy, but that doesn't seem to be the core of your argument.
The uk distributors claim that they have had no info from the states.

Sorry to complain but on lots of levels this leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

Sorry. Something is obviously broken here and I apologize on the behalf of everyone involved. We will contact musictrack.
Actually the displeasure is really about only being able to buy a boxed copy and the fact that the Uk stores don't know anythign is probably dispacement smile

@ stretta, thanks dude. Can you have a word about putting an online version up for sale as well ;-)
Keep in mind that MOTU may have agreements with their distributors and dealers that prevents them from, or makes it awkward to, sell things directly to consumers.

Just a thought.
In Europe, main modular shops aren't motu dealers and Motu dealers aren't modular synth sellers. I'm affraid it's going to be difficult for us to purchase a volta box.

It could be great to buy and download the software online.
Thomann have it listed as "on request", but good luck with that!
A simple e-mail to MOTU's sales dept. got me these hits:

Klemm Music, Germany

ProLyd, Norway

Zima, Sweden (They don't seem to be advertising it on their website yet.)

Also, for your Canadian friends:
Long & McQuade, Canada (It's not on this website either.)

Saved by Technology, Canada g=motu
Thanks for the link, unfortunately none of those companies are uk companies though :(

Hopefully this will get sorted soon!

@ Kent, yes, you probably right. But why cant Musictrack (UK distro) offer it from their site.

At the end of the day there is no need to waste so much fuel and resources shipping these boxes all over the world. . .

There are copies of Volta en route to musictrack. You should be sorted soon.
Im trying to get some for the store i work at in Denmark

If anyone have interest, i can post here when we get some
Twinstates, I'm from UK and mine arrived yesterday. Ordered it from in the states I think.

Was a £35 import charge but worked out £200 in total.

Now if only UPS did an evening delivery service grrrr No wonder people aren't in they are at work!
I emailed three French dealers. One of them is also the French distributor for Motu products. Waiting for the answer ...
Ok, I've just got off the phone with musictrack who say they will be stocking Volta very soon in UK.
Good news !!! I hope that the french distributor for Motu products will do the same very soon.

Guinness ftw!

Hédi K.
According to the distributor (UM-distribution / univers-sons), in France, Volta should be available in two weeks.
We now have 10 pieces in stock in the shop i work in They're not at the homepage yet but mail me at, and we work it out. The price is 2175,- DKK which is ~290,- euros. I will try get them on the hp in the forthcoming days, so they can be ordered through there.

EDIT: Its on the hp now.
From Digital Village.

£179 so not too bad. . .
Gotta wait for it to be shipped so it's still a few days away.
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