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Ten and Tracer - Tsotsitaal . New album of "opium-ambie
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Author Ten and Tracer - Tsotsitaal . New album of "opium-ambie
Thought this might be of interest to the group here. A kind friend of mine has released his new droney album on our collective's label. Well, would love to know your thoughts. Info is below. I think it's only available at the website right now.

And the link is:


The music:
The word "Tsotsitaal" means "criminal language," but the music couldn't be more distant from such. Tsotsitaal is a collection of soft drones and patient textures sourced from old synths, tapes, violin, acoustic guitar, flute, broken music boxes and field recordings. Each source has been carefully manipulated in a variety of ways. Some were subjected to deconstruction and wearing using reels and recorders, sound-on-sound layering, microphone mischief and the like. Others were sent through Ten and Tracer's collection of home-made Reaktor patches and a cascade of other novel digital processes all performed live.

Each session resulted in dozens of layers (and hours) which were then edited down and detailed. The sound is almost wholly organic in nature, reflective and meditative. It is a bath of pleasantries with a distinct opiate sensibility. Calm and warm. Deeply personal and full of heart.

The package:
The package is backed by a sturdy piece of wood or board upon which there lies a cork or balsa wood button to hold the CD (there are a few different versions). The booklet is attached to the backing with an exposed, hand stitched binding. The CDr is either a black-bottom CDr with a clear label top, or a lightscribe CDr with some clever 3D tricks we suspect you've never seen before.

Additional drawings, stickers, photos, pressed leaves and flowers to be thrown in on a whim without discretion. We do things dangerously.

The book:
The books are composed from a selection of more than one hundred and fifty different photographs, digital art, drawings and bits of prose - all by Ten and Tracer himself. All editions include one-of-a-kind personal hand drawings and writings.

The book is printed on fine photo paper for the color pages and sturdy, wonderfully white as white paper with lovely inks that won't fade too quickly, we're sure. The books are sewn together with sturdy strings and attached neatly to the CD.

The release comes in three different physical editions and will be released digitally very soon.

Super-Special Edition:
76 page book, Tsotsitaal CD and bonus The Lowing Buffalo EP 3"CDr.

Special Edition:
32 page book and Tsotsitaal CD

Regular Edition:
12 page book and Tsotsitaal CD
I just downloaded it. I love Ten and Tracer's other work. It seams like good meditation music.

The image of the woman looking at her own breast through a telescope is undeniably bizarre.
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