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Live L.E.D. synchronized performance
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Author Live L.E.D. synchronized performance
hi, not sure if this is the right forum to post this as it's not actually modular video synthesis, yet I am synthesizing visuals...

since i've recently become a regular member here I thought I would share my teaser of a new live show i am doing. i'm only running a bit of modular, mostly live filtering.

mainly this is a demonstration (during soundcheck) of my hand programmed LED performance which is still improvised like my past performances. This is towards the end of the show, more animation.. but this style is quite effective with strict color schemes and 4/4 music.

I would love some feedback. Soon going to implement modular video synthesizing for a more complete performance.



I love the horizontal movement. A lot of shows I've seen that use those LED bars seem to have the same program running on each bar, making it somewhat static.

What are you using for the programming?
I love it, that looks great! Would love to hear more about all the setup/technical specs/gear.

I can't wait to see what you do augmenting it with video, too.
Looks pretty cool. Is this controlled manually, or scripted on a time-line, or....?
very cool. ive seen a couple rigs like this at some shows but not quite as effective as what you got. curious too about the details
thnx guys, i really appreciate the feedback.

I've honestly been waiting and researching this for years and finally i found the solution. luckily this will do good enough synch for video as well once its tested and run.

i basically am using a USB DMX controller with a negative time delay from my DAW.

MAXMSP is sending signals through it (nothing fancy because its all hand programmed). I basically programmed each of my songs with the important 'hits' of the track.

Each "pattern" is like midi information that is linked to the music so that id not have to do much but continue my live music set and the lights will "follow".

but yeah, like i mentioned, its all hand programmed pretty much like how i make my music.

each light has 9 channels... master, flash channel, RGB 1, 2, and 3. (example, R127 B127 G127 makes white... R127 B0 G127 makes yellow)

Its surprisingly extremely stable, only a few crashes during testing.. but I've only done this show twice (den haag and berlin).


also, if anyone has seen something like this i would like to see a link to a video.
Simian Mobile Disco was using similar LED bars for their stage setup for awhile and is what I was thinking of when I mentioned the pretty static use:

There's some movement and variation, but it's mostly an always-on situation.
There's this, but it's more of an LED wall than a lighting rig I think. hmmm.....

I really love carefully programmed aspect of your LED rig. I feel like whenever there's some artistic intent behind visuals, it always feels more complete than audiovisualizer devices like color organs that just match an audio component via interpreting frequency content and beat detection. It's one of the reasons I love the modular synthesizer as a visual instrument. Although of course the two techniques could be combined!
ah thnx, yes I've seen both of these shows. i looked into getting an LED curtain but maybe next year as i work video into my set.

plastikman show, i thought, was amazing. though a lot of criticism is that it looked like preset winamp screen savers, or whatever. i kind of agree. i get the whole 90s thing and I'm familiar with richies imagery, but could've been more tasteful.

curious how simian's setup is, with the lights.
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