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Video vault
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Author Video vault
MS-812 @ Schneider's
Here is Andreas Schneider in his Berlin shop setting up the MS-812.

Some additional info about what's in the video:

- What is seen on the screen before the network cable is connected are the virtual MIDI ports that CopperLan offers in the computer for applications to connect to (among themselves or to the external world).

- The MIDI keyboard is here connected through an AL-22 CopperLan/MIDI interface, but could equally be connected via any existing USB MIDI interface. So, no need to buy an Ethernet interface if you're happy with the USB one you already own.

********************************************************************** *****
Alyseum MS-812 & CopperLan & Numerology

********************************************************************** *****
MS-812 playing 6 voices poly

********************************************************************** *****
MS-812 - LFO - Copperduino Clock & Monitor

    - Showing the editing of the MS-812 emulator (same as for the real article).
    - Using a networked hardware clock generator (based on an Arduino-CopperLan board)
    - Using a hardware monitoring display that shows the value and state of the MS-812 emulator.
    - Linking several software LFOs to the CV outputs

********************************************************************** *****
Direct control of CV by networked joystick

- switching between two target MS-812
- display the actual CV on a networked LCD
- open a remote display on a computer
- monitoring is in sync on the various displays

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