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AMS AM8071 Snow Fall VCF
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Author AMS AM8071 Snow Fall VCF
I love this filter!! check out recent demo.

AMS AM8071 Snow Fall Filter
Any members here have one of these? I found a thread or two on them here and they sound like a well kept secret. IMHO.
Check out the AMS subforum. Theres some stuff there on it.
Thanks I'll do that.
Mono Recalcitrante
You can have a look here: 7702
Received my Snow Fall filter yesterday.

Quick shipping.

A big thank you to Rob thumbs up and looking forward to making interesting sounds with it.

Highly recommend this one. thumbs up
Isolde and Isobelle
Back in stock!
Only six left, as of the time of writing. x
Will there be any more?
So is this filter or even a PCB going to be available? I keep hearing how amazing this filter is and Id really like it in my rack.....
Check Mate
I'll build one in the next few weeks...
Check Mate
I'll get a PCB and in order to start there any owner of a built module who would be so kind as to post or send me a high res picture of the populated PCB so I can figure out the resistor, transistor and cap values?
It would be greatly appreciated and I'm even willing to compensate for the effort!
Thanks a lot!
Check Mate wrote:
I'll get a PCB and in order to start building..

As far as I know there is no option to get a PCB and build it yourself. I believe the Snowfall has only been available as a fully built module. That's why there's also no project notes available on the AMSynths website.
Check Mate
Mr. Keeble had a set of PCBs available and was kind enogh to sell it to me. He has send me all the information I need in the meantime and I'll start building the filter this week...I'm looking forward to hearing how it sounds nanners
Ah, nice! Yeah, it's a nice filter indeed. I had a Mk I and Mk II, sonically no difference as far as I could tell. I sold the Mk II because I like the looks of the Mk I better, a bit more HP though. Good luck building it! thumbs up
2 Units left in stock as of this posting for anyone interested
I just got a new Snowfall Filter directly from Amsynths. The sound is awesome! Thank you so much!!
1 unit in stock atm, be quick!
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