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plague bearer ref4 gain knob question
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Author plague bearer ref4 gain knob question
got my plague bearer ref4 lately and i have a question.
the gain knob and the gain cv input on my ref4 have almost
no effect on the signal. i also have a plague bearer ref3.1
which behaves totally different, twiddling the gain there has
a huge effect. could this be because of the new output limiting
on the ref4 or is my unit broken? i love the ref3.1 and hoped
that the ref4 would sound the same.

and if this is caused by the output limiting, where exactly is
the jumper to disable it? it seems that there is no actual
manual available for the assembled ref4 module to show the
position of the jumper. there is a link on the website for the
ref4 module, but the file behind the link is for ref3.3 which
doesn't have that jumper.

help thanks
On what setting is the output att? -, -20 or -40?

That setting makes alot of difference here..
i tried all three attenuator settings with the same result :(
i have re-checked the module today and now i'm quite certain
that it is defective. with the attn switch at 0db i can hear
something like phasing when turning the gain knob,
but nothing that sounds like turning the gain on my other
plague bearer ref3.1. i also found those super-flimsy jumpers
and disabled the limiter, but it didn't help.
i will send it back to schneiders tomorrow to get it replaced.
computer controlled
Ya, that doesn't sound right eek!
Def get it replaced.
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