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BitVision images - share and discuss
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Author BitVision images - share and discuss
Ahh so you want me to load up your file and then compile it! I get ya
creatorlars wrote:
You should be able to press F7 (to build project) before changing anything.

Here's some direct download links I've found for AVRStudio:

The link for avr 4 doesn't work lars, I think I've tracked a version down and am downloading now. My connection speed isn't grteat so may take a while... however i did try importing and recompiling trhe original project with no cvhanges, and I still get the error unfortunately.

I'll keep posting my findings smile
You want AVR Studio 5 if you are following my directions for Bitvision v1.2 (the black PCBs.)
Hi again,
Though I bought the Bitvision recently, the PCB number is not 1.2, I'm sure it's 1.0. At work at moment but will chewck when I'm home. AVR studio 4 doesn't recognise my usb programmer anyway. Gah waah
Is the PCB black or green? Where did you buy it?
PCB is green and bought from one of the links on your site...wink
Checking paypal I bought it back in May last year and payment sent to you gmail account I believe Lars.
Oh okay, yeah -- I remember! That's definitely not recently. The black PCB versions have only been out since earlier this year I believe.

Can you try importing the v1.0 code into AVR Studio 5? It should be pretty straightforward. "Import previous version project" or something like that.
I haven't yet got a copy of AVR 5, but think I've found a link....I'll let you know how it goes
The link I posted above appears to be working fine.
Okay, I went ahead and updated the v1.0/v1.1 files to AVR Studio 5 project and uploaded them. The programming directions should now be consistent and the same for v1.0 thru v1.2.
I don;t know hat happened on that link last time Lars, but it sent me to blamk page when trying to download studio 5, hence i got 4. Got 5 now, imported your project pressing F7 compikles with no errors, I've changed an image and again no errors. thumbs up

Will let you know how it goes from here
Righteo, I think I'm successfully compiling now..but as it was suggesteI need to get a different one, tried a couple of different drivers but to no avail.
Any suggestions for a UK based supplier for a proggrammer please?
Try to get an AVRISP Mk2 -- that's what I'm using, it programs directly from AVR Studio. Looks like Farnell carries them in the UK.
OK thanks
but which one.. tpi/dp/2144332?Ntt=AVRISP+Mk2
or note-1135517-pr

Sorry to be such a pain with this sad banana
The Atmel one.
Programmer orderd and should arrive today, hopefully it'll all be plain sailing now.
I'll let you know how it goes, thanks for all the help
Right finally managed to make it to the post offi e yesterday to pick up the programmer, missed opening hours all last week very frustrating though that didn't stop me taking the bitvision out gigging twice over the weekend, I'm a VJ and on a no loops to be used mission at the moment.

However I have now successfully loaded up my first image to the bitvision applause

I will hopefully tonight be able to continue my quest. I will hopefully write up my finding s and will load up images here that I've created.

Thanks for all the help guys we're not worthy
hi again,
Time has escaped me as always but I've got some images down and can be found here
fingers crossed tht works , I've not shared on dropbox before.
Basically I've started doing some space invader image3s, it's just taking me a long time to produce and edit them meh

You should also be able to find a palette file for you to use, just download it and copy it to the user file folder should be under my documents
My Documents\Paint.NET User Files

This will then show up in for you to use.

I'll continue to add things and will hopefully have a full 16 of decent images, though I'm kinda running out of invader inspiration.

I did try to make an archive file to lod up here on the boards but couldn't find a way to do it, probably me being an idiot again.
Thought I'd do a quick video of the palette trim control
Bitvision footage in black and white as that's in Pal.
Trim control
Can anone suggest a way to control that via a pot?

Here's one of some new images
Space invader and some old game icons

Cheers Bitvision for inspiration on what to start with, editing seems to take me forever though :(
The trim control basically adjusts the hue phase shifter for maximum rotation -- adjusting it will limit the color palette to a fewer number of colors. You could replace it with a pot if you wanted.
Is there a quick code change to set the images by default to a 2x2 instead of the 6x6?
I know this is an old thread, but I was looking to reprogram my Bitvision again. however I have had issues.
I've downloaded the .zip files from here
Bitvision info
The .swf files within either of the zip files do not run. Ive tried to open them direct from the bitvision.html file and also directly opening the .swf file from within my web browser.

any thoughts guys?

hello! i know this thread is old but i hoping that someone will see this.

after building the bitvision i installed all the necessary programs to import my own palettes and images but after testing the build it seems that ive made an error in the process, this error might have stemmed from wrong paths and directory errors.
this is the error message i received after f7'ing the project, both when no changes are made to the code and with new palette/image codes inputted;

Build started.
Project "bitvision.cproj" (Compile target(s)):
Target "Compile" in file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Atmel\AVR Studio 5.1\Vs\Compiler.targets" from project "\\BMO\Users\analog
_alchemist\Downloads\bitvision_dev_1.2\bitvision\bitvision.cproj" (entry point):
Task "RunCompilerTask"
C:\Program Files (x86)\Atmel\AVR Studio 5.1\make\make.exe "../../../../../../bmo/Users/analog_alchemist/Downloads/bitvision_dev_ 1.2/bitvision/bitvision.o"
make: *** No rule to make target `../../../../../../bmo/Users/analog_alchemist/Downloads/bitvision_dev_ 1.2/bitvision/bitvision.o'. Stop.
Done executing task "RunCompilerTask" -- FAILED.
Done building target "Compile" in project "bitvision.cproj" -- FAILED.
Done building project "bitvision.cproj" -- FAILED.


im hoping that this thread is not totally dead and that this error can be fixed.

I recently put together a BitVision and I really really like it. Here is a music video of it along with a couple of Panasonic video mixers.
So I been playing around with my Bitvision 1.2 kit that i built the other day and I think it stopped working after i tried to change some colors on the palette. Or maybe it decided to not work because of my bad soldering?!? lol

Anyways I was having trouble getting AVR studio recognizing my programmer for the longest time. Eventually moved to an older WIN 7 with USB 2.0 laptop and I was able to get the USBTiny Drivers to work by using the libusb-win32(the latest i think). The computer recognized the Pocket AVR Programmer e/installing-drivers

now but AVR studio 5 still didnt. So I ended up following this tutorial

Using a USBTiny Programmer with Atmel Studio
where I had to download AVRdude and set up an external Device. Im still not sure how to “build” as I have pressed f7 and nothing happens but, when I loaded up the external device, I noticed that the LEDs on the Bitvision were not on anymore. When I plugged it into the CRT no more video. :frowning:

I used the source code from this link:

When I downloaded it it was titled “1.0” so maybe I just need the 1.2 version and It will work again? Or maybe I just suck at soldering and it decided to stop working? Everytime I try to load the new code though, the two LEDs Blink, but thats all I can get from it now. HAAALP!
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