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Frac doubled
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Author Frac doubled
I was wondering if one could cut a Blacet rack in half and mount rack ears on the back of the rack.

It's been a while since I have one of my frames out so I thought I'd take the lazy route and just ask.
just omit the side panels altogether. take off the rear rails and mount some new rack ears on them. turn 1 rack into 2!! there is an FPD file around here somewhere of the blank rack ears if you want nice black ones...
That's kind of what I thought.

Doesn't Paia or someone sell straight off the shelf ears that will mount?
Or you could FPE em, with holes for mults, or get some metalbox customs.

I think plord posted a fpd file for the ears awhile back.

Not sure I've seen just the ears on the PAIA site tho.

But yeah, don't worry about cutting nothing. My main frac setup at the moment is just the 'backs & sides' mounted in a case, works awesome & I still have 9RU left! (3U is filled & sitting rather naked on my bench!)
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