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Pre-Challenge Thread
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Author Pre-Challenge Thread
the November challenge was a great success and its about time we have another one. Id like to use this thread to generate ideas on themes for future challenges. It might also be useful for people to list what type of gear they are working with too so we can cater the challenges to meet a broad range of systems. a couple of themes i was thinking of:

- take a picture of a pattern and try to synthesize it
- everyone has to use a certain number of patch cables to try and make the most complex shapes

Also Lars said hed offer a Sandin kit prize for the next challenge.
More like pre-fail thread

Challenge idea: shapes that give birth to other shapes
Ideas that I had:

- A "mood" (as in mood bracelets?) transformation that occurs slowly over 1-2 minutes
- Recognizable objects (a lamp, a comb, a sunset, Bat-boy)
- Recognizable textures (fire, water, grass, fur, etc.)
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