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Seeking recommendations on a new sound source
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Author Seeking recommendations on a new sound source
Hi all,

My apologies for the self gratifying thread but yous usually got some good tips

I have been using a number of devices to play around making varying shades of noise. Looking for recommendations anyone may have on another freestanding piece of gear in the same vein as the ones I mention below. I debated placing this in the DIY thread but I'm also inclined to purchase a cohesive product if it strikes a chord with me...

I currently use and LOVE:
Skychord glamour box, Rarewaves Tune in Tokyo (DIY'd), Rarewaves Light2Sound (DIY'd), Synthrotek Nandamonium (DIY'd),Bleeplabs Bitblob Jr (DIY'd), Buddha Machine 5... I may be forgetting some but those are the ones that I like best
screaming goo yo
Bath House
JMT Synth. I don't have one, but recently stayed with (and recorded with) a guy who had one of the JMT boxes. It looks beautiful and sounded amazing.

On the very noisy, a bit tough-to-tame, certainly unique side of things, I love Martin Howse's Dark Interpreters and have two of them.

Michael Rucci makes some good devices.

Also does Electro Lobotomy.
I find the Ciat Lonbarde instruments great for exploring the landscape of noise. I am especially impressed with the flexibility of the Cocoquantus (I've the Dear Coco Deer version).

Years of exploration are bound up in this one instrument - and it can also be used as a crazy delay/sound processor for other sound makers in your collection.
Wow great suggestions all!

Bath House
I'd checked out that bit ranger, but while I have difficulty explaining it, the interface seems too cumbersome I guess. I would dive into a cv trinity before I would try that I guess would be a better way of putting it

jshell whoa that jmt is like you pulled something out of mind's eye. beautiful. I have seen that space ship lookin ass thing before. It's neat but I ain't trying to fuck with no code I guess. For now bookmarked. Electrolobotomy hadron collider and particle smasher were neat too.

I'm also familiar with that Ciat Lonbarde stuff. I hope to own some someday as well; sidrax looks like fun. I have one of his IFM modules; pretty wild guy in the mix

Thanks for all the input... an hour or so (and a gang of youtube vids) later, JMT is what I was dreaming of. May end up with one soon! SlayerBadger!
Flight of Harmony Plague Bearer Quad

Lastgasp Mulit Noise Processor

I've drooled over that MNP from last gasp for a while now. I saw Wolfeyes bro (j. olson) shredding on one a bit ago at a gig and that furthered things. I just don't have enough $$ for luxury like that just yet.

plaguebearer site seems defunct...?

Anybody know of a way to get JMT other than off that ebay (distros in the states?) I couldn't find anywhere other than that one location.
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