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Replacing My Yamaha HS8
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Author Replacing My Yamaha HS8



A year ago i needed a monitors and i only found an HS8 in my local area with a discount price near HS5 price so i immediately took them, i didn't look much about monitors and acoustic treatment.

But after a year i knew its too big for my room also i cant leave space between the monitors and wall and its taking to much of space in my desk. and i cant find stand for them in my area and i wouldn't pay for shipping monitor stands.

Am planning to replace them and sell them. Am looking for something small 5' and with front facing bass ports to avoid save space from the wall.

I mainly do Electronic music : Techno and somethimes down tempo and ambient.

I found couple of online stores near my country which can ship to me with decent price

here what they sell

* PreSonus Eris E5
* Equator DS5
* KRK Monitor Rokit 5 G3
* Behringer NEKKST K5 (Pair)
Or small not heavy monitors i can buy online !!

I know its a downgrade but am not comfortable with the current speakers

Please share what you think


Why not HS5s or are they back ported too?

I was in the same situation (HS8s too big, don't want a sub, didn't want to treat) and got HS7s and just bit the bullet of having to adjust my mix position relative to the wall, and eventually treat the room and get stands. HS5s were too small for me, felt they needed a sub - HS7 was the solution for me. The larger woofer presents better bass response and it's not as overpowering as the HS8s were in the same space. I don't notice the freq response difference between a 6.5" vs an 8" as much as I do a 5" vs 8". If you're using a sub this might not matter to you. spent a couple days of test tones to set levels and dip switches on the HS7s dialing it in, and I feel I'm getting good results. Using foam isolators on my desk fixed so much so quickly but eventually I'm going to get stands. In a small room, treatment and stands are inevitable, there really aren't many good cheap front ported powered monitors out there.


The combination HS5 with a subwoofer works much better in a not so well treated room, than the HS8.
The back facing bass ports on the HS5 are then not a big problem, as the low frequencies are going to the sub.

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