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carl craig modular rig ID
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Author carl craig modular rig ID

denim dan

hey all, just thought i'd drop by the euro forum and see if there's any eagle eyes out there.

at 5:03 you get a great shot of carl's modular rig for this performance. the lack of patch cables makes it pretty easy to get a good view. i'm not too knowledgeable about eurorack modules, anybody want to take a stab at identifying any of them? least i think it's eurorack. could be proven wrong. yeah!


I can see loads of Cwejman and Limewire AFG.


I see alot of cwejman, some livewire modules aswell?


Looks like a LOT of Cwejman...

(L to R, top row):

VCO-2RM, ADSR-VC2, Livewire Audio Frequency Generator, Livewire FrequenSteiner.

(L to R, bottom row):

(possibly Doepfer a-180), D-LFO, FSH-1, PH-4, MX-4S, (hard to tell what the last three are, sorry).


denim dan

livewire! those're the ones i couldn't id. thanks for the assist dudes.


below the frequensteiner looks like a bubblesound sem20


Look ma' no cables!


There is actually one lonely cable coming out of the AFG's sine out. meh


mnml lol

Mono Recalcitrante

NO cables seriously, i just don't get it

What is the point then????????????

GIVE ME YOUR CWEJMAN CARL!!! I´ll make good use of them!


mixing modular and piano together sounds great.
good performance! thumbs up


the irony for me is that Carl Craig was so much better when he relied on cheap 12bit samplers in the early nineties lol

there is a video of him with his mainly Cwejman modular on Youtube, around 1:42 here


koobraelc wrote:
mixing modular and piano together sounds great.
good performance! thumbs up

Agreed, awesome vid. Mortiz and Carl have done some interesting projects. To all the nit pickers in this thread... meh Dude definitely knows his shit.

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