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Pan/tilt security cameras
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Author Pan/tilt security cameras
Does anyone have any experience using remote control pan/tilt security cameras? Looks like you can get one for around $100 and it would be useful to be able to place one remotely for a live feed or setting up feedback and having control over pan/tilt to easily play with the feedback instead of constantly adjusting a tripod. zoom capability would be cool too. it also seems like they are supposed to be good in low light which would be good in a live setting since venues tend to be dark.
Yes, I have hacked & implemented the control protocol on arduino once but never used a proper control system for them - it was just standard RS-422 serial data. One could also use VVVV easily to contorl something like this, to make things simple you could just get a USB->rs422 adapter or something
Is the control of PTZ cameras standardised? If so, having CV to PTZ control would be pretty wild way of controlling feedback... though the security cameras need their IR LEDs "disabled" (cut off!) as the IR reflects off the screen blowing out the image.
My camera cable-tied to a plank of wood via block of foam isn't the most user friendly way to get movement from feedback, a PTZ camera with standalone control would save the physical wrestling thumbs up

For inspiration, there was this thread where a good part of the video modulation came from computer-controlled PTZ cameras.
There are a few standards, I think, as I've seen a few software control programs out there, I think there are probably a lot of oddball, proprietary camera systems as well.
Ahh yeah, that'd be right d'oh!
"The great thing about standards is there are so many to choose from"

edit: PTZ camera + NES controller is pretty cool.

I use SONY pant tilt cameras. I made software in maxmsp that allows me to control all parameters, store presets and use usb joystick to control pan+til+zoom+focus.

If you plan to use it with monitor based feedback, it is not so great, because you will probably find it is too harsh for fine feedback control. The bigger the monitor, the better. It is fine for projector based feedback systems, but camera must be relatively close to the scree in order to have fine control. Also, bare in mind that you can not rotate image on Z axis - no spiral feedback here.

I plan to make my own pan tilt cameras (again hihi ) that will have much smaller movement range with more precise control....

I have a couple of old pan/tilt mounts from the 70s. They're big and heavy and no computer control. They use fat toggle switches to supply power to a pair of DC motors.
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