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Rob Schafer's HD Analog Colorizer
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Author Rob Schafer's HD Analog Colorizer
At NAMM last weekend I had the great pleasure of meeting Denise Gallant, a prolific video artist who co-designed a video synthesizer in the mid-70's called the Synopsis video synth. We had a great time showing her the LZX stuff! Her partner in design was Rob Schafer, an engineer at CBS, and I just got an e-mail from Rob showing off a pet project of his: 4-band RGB colorizer that works on HD signals!

The input is the Y+Sync from a Component (YPrPb) HD source, and it outputs in Component HD (YPrPb). I don't think this is a commercial project. It does show what's possible if we add a similar alternate HD sync/io option to the LZX system at some point (since most of our modules are independent of the timing of signals passing through them).

You can read more about Denise Gallant here:
that sure is pretty
It seems pretty flexible for 4 bands. Makes me want to do a simulation in Max just to see what we are dealing with.
Wow. That thing is crisp. Cool Halloween set up! Look I'm radioactive! hihi
Great output! Slightly disturbing video though
Wowee, very impressive. Quite crisp indeed, even after being uploaded to youtube at 720p full screen its still looking well defined.

It would be nice to see a picture of the device itself.

I would loooove to see an HD i/o on the LZX color encoder.
No doubt the chip to facilitate that kind of bandwidth would be pricy and kick up the cost.


Totallllly worth it in my opinion/uses.
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