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Format Jumbler as Volta to euroland Interface
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Author Format Jumbler as Volta to euroland Interface
I was just thinking about how I needed to purchase the parts to build cables for Volta when it dawned on me that the Format Jumbler will function well as an interface from MOTU Volta/ TRS 1/4" equipped audio interface and the TS minijacks of euro-land.

The 1/4" sockets used in the Format Jumbler are Tip Ring Sleeve type in which the Ring is left floating. So I may use typical TRS patch cables from Motu 828mkII, to FJ to euroland.

5 channels of volta to 2-way mini jack mult or banana.

This has inspired me to do a run of Jumblers where the bananas are replaced with minijacks. It will be called the Mega Mallt, sporting 5 channels of Volta to 3-way mults.


I haven't had very good luck with passive mults with Volta. A few ideas:

1) buffered mult interface

2) maybe a multi-pin break out solution - use a DB25 on the front panel and have people buy one of those tascam snakes to fan out to the audio interface.

3) dedicate a couple outputs to the doepfer bus
Sign me up!

Plus it sucks running long 1/4 to 1/8 cables and I'm constantly confusing which cable goes to which input. So anything that lets me be able to patch 1/8" directly at the rack is ideal.

[edit] I guess this is all possible because you are able to reuse the front plate of the existing module. Ok, sign me up.

For the future...

Even number of channels would be better since they are paired in the Volta sidechains.

Also the db25 idea is a good one as you have a very clean snake running to your rack.

Like seen on the back here.
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