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wiard miniwave
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Author wiard miniwave
is the wiard miniwave the same as the waveform city in terms of wavetables?
nothing more to add?
in terms of wavetables it's exactly the same (if you have the same eproms fitted), but the wiard waveform city also contains a very nice analogue vco (plus some other bits), to drive the wavetable part. with the blacet miniwave you need an external oscillator.
how many different eproms are out there?

where can they be purchased?

sorry for asking too much
what format are you wanting? in wiard there's the 300 series waveform city, in frac there's the miniwave (also in Modcan i believe), but if you have a Euro system you might want to wait for the new Wiard/Malekko Megawave, which will include just about all the EPROMs that have ever been made, plus many other stunning new features!

there's a lot more info about the available EPROMs and their authors in that thread. i used to have the regular one, the socket rocket, the scale quantiser and the morphine ones, and they were all good.
Could we say that Unkle Osc + Megawave is more or less a Waveform City?
Unkle osc + Mini/mega wave + AR envelope generator + VCA + multiple = more or less a waveform city.
thank you all
Actually the standard EPROMs for the miniwave and most Waveform City's are slightly different.

The Waveform City has several wavetables based on analogue waveform morphs. I think about 3 or 4 wavetables are different.
Roycie Roller
Pascal wrote:
how many different eproms are out there?

where can they be purchased?

sorry for asking too much

There's at least 10-12 designed specifically for the W City & Miniwave, but some early digital synths also used eproms for wavetable storage & as far as i know, they are for the most part interchangeable pin-for-pin, eg. Ensoniq ESQ-1 & SQ-80, whose wavetables can be downloaded here (a file only- you'll have to burn your own eprom, or find someone to do it)-

Ready-to-go eproms are sold on ebay for use in the Ensoniq's, and i think there's a place that sells them along with OS updates.

David Hylander sells quite a few eproms & an expander pcb to house them-

Muff forum member Bricks programs & sells some as well, but on smaller 8-pin chips (used in the Piston Honda), though he may be able to do the larger Wiard size to order. I think he also custom burns eproms, eg. he might be able to burn copies of the wavetables in the Harvestman Piston Honda (but i'm not sure).

I've seen at least one other person here offering to burn wavetables onto eproms for a small fee.

Also, you can DIY and buy an eprom burner & make your own wavetables using Wiard's wave256 software (.zip file at the bottom of the article). The possibilities are endless if you DIY- you could experiment with scales, audio-rate chord & tone generators, octavers, noise, etc, etc smile

And Blacet also sell a couple (
There's also the thing that Cary Roberts made... a custom SMD chip that has a larger wavetable in it (32x32 I think). It has the entire PPG wavetable on it. Of course the LED indicators don't show you exactly what table/wave you're on, but it sounds excellent so who cares!

With the larger number of waveforms, it can change pretty smoothly from one to the next. It required adding a few wired connections, but nothing difficult. I don't know how many Cary made, but mine's not going anywhere ;-)

thank you
a scanner darkly
You could also get some Miniwave ROMs for Piston Honda from Hylander. It's $170 for 5 ROMs so might be better to save money for Megawave but if you're just after one particular ROM and want to use it with your PH you might want to give it a try (disclaimer - I don't have these so can't vouch for it, saw it in the PH ROM thread in the Harvestman forum):

EDIT: was just re-reading that page and looks like those are not actually Miniwave tables but rather Matthew Davidson's ROMs for Miniwave which you could also get for PH.
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