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Happy new year to everyone! Thanks for being part of this place, every year you all get cooler and cooler. Apologies to everyone waiting on me for PMs, emails, subforum creation, etc. The holidays have been super busy! I'll be catching up over the next week, please hit me up again at that point if I haven't gotten back to you yet. Sorry for the delay. Thanks! <3

Philips pm5515-tx
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Author Philips pm5515-tx
Has anyone come across one of these before? A friend has intercepted it from a skip for me. I suspect it won't be too exciting - most likely only produce stable patterns but I'm hoping I'll something fun out of it.

Never saw one before, but based on the controls I would guess that it's main purpose is to send RF to the antenna input of a TV set and then allow you to align the TV set.

The checkerboard, dots and lines are probably fixed sizes, but still can be used as image patterns.
Thanks Dave - probably won't be too exciting but I'll post up results up here if some magic is possible.
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