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Two Bugbrand SV filters having a feedback party - VIDEO
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Author Two Bugbrand SV filters having a feedback party - VIDEO
By popular request (well, one wiggler asked nicely), I threw together an example of the complex waveforms you can get from the Bugbrand PRC3A state variable filter with feedback and selfmodulation. No other sound sources are used.

The signal chain is one SV filter to each channel (L and R), nothing else. Feedback strength, and self-modulation (frequency, Q) for each filter are controlled by some auxiliary circuitry (VCAs and bipolar modulators) run by gestural sources (sequencers and looping envelopes).

edit: More on this filter feedback technique in this thread:

The patch is shown and explained about halfway into the video.
The sound is lined to the camcorder, no effects.
Apologies for bad image quality.

Actually, the feedback party is like the real world ones - each filter only talks to itself.

genuinely awesome!! thanks for posting!
Cool stuff, thanks! SlayerBadger!

I'm going to try out some of these techniques tonight.
Nice sounds......gotta try that one soon.....when I have my filters (1 on order, second one is going to muff)
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