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What shift register circuits?
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Author What shift register circuits?

I love shift register circuits and i use them in almost all patches.
I know there is:

Klee Sequencer
Gated Comporator.

What else is there to build/buy ?
Ken Stone's ASR of course. Also the Infinite Melody is shift register based. This one is an absolutely amazing circuit! Even though I'm stuck building and it's just half finished I love it! Unfortunately I'm too busy with other things at the moment yet mine will get a Diatonic Converter hopefully soon.

The Inf. Melody resembles at the Doepfer A149-1 Source of Uncertainty but is way cooler in my opinion! Must have!
the Klee grew from this little gem
This is a wonderful meh ?
I didn't like the Infinite melody that much.
The noisering,klee and gated comporator are the ones i really love.

THe goldberg function generator looks cool and i think the nolsering was born out of it.
I wrote this mega-post about this a few days ago, but WolframAlpha crashed Firefox real hard and I lost it :-(

Yes, they all have shift registers in their "hearts" but aren't ASRs as such:

The Klee uses the s.r. to transpose temporally and overlay the sequences onto themselves (eek, harder to say than I thought!), and the Noisering uses the SR to store its noise. And while the Gated Comparator uses a SR it then feeds that through a resistor-ladder D/A converter, so you don't have access to each step.

I like thinking about ASRs as souped up crossbreeds between several S+Hs and a sequencer. - or a multi-tap delay for CV.
I came on this site again to:

But i can't reach James somehow/
His Sequencer and Logic module looks kickass.
that's the Mikado, right? Or what turned into the (now fabled) mikado project:
yes but i love the older ones more.

Version 2 adds a Loop input so that several gated comparators can be cascaded together, or its own output can be fed back into its input. Other digital sources could also be used. This new "digital" input is OR gated with the original "analog" input, so keep this in mind when patching. It is quite possible to rapidly set all stages in a loop to HIGH, in which case there will be no further activity on the outputs.

Loop Enable has two inputs. The "H" input is for connection to a panel mounted switch to set your default preference. The "L" input is for external control via a jack. This input will override the switch setting unless a high impedance output is being used to drive it. Most Synthesizer outputs are low impedance, so it should not be an issue.

screaming goo yo screaming goo yo screaming goo yo

Jezus must have this i f*cking love the regular one.
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