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Random looping 16-step sequences
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Author Random looping 16-step sequences
Paradigm X
Hell yeah, sounds amazing, Ill be up for a v2, or even a v1 if it comes to it, kludges arent toooooo bad


:edit - if not clear, i cant really beta test tho tbh, sorry, im pretty new at all this and also time is quite limited.
Getting there!

rev 2 PCB:

Untitled by Tom.Whitwell, on Flickr
Keeping an eye on this. What's new on this one? Length is 8/16? hyper
Looks superb, Tom! Flattered beyond words to be in such illustrious company on the board oops
woah superb ! i totally moogle (ie, Lotsa Love) the design, btw!! we're not worthy

Bounce for an update:
The solution for this module is quite elegant in it's simplicity. I would have gone right to software to do it. Your work does give me an idea for some probability based sequencers that will likely involve an Arduino.

Spandex wrote:
I've been playing... thought the best way might be to see the randomness visually... so I wrote a quick prog to render a few things.

The images remind me a bit of Ken Perlin's noise algorithm. It's an essential part of 3D rendering that he came up with while working on Tron.

I've used it for OpenGL programming, but never for audio. Might be worth a look.
Would certainly be easy to do in Arduino, but I'm a bit off coding at the moment... Was very gratifying to do it in CMOS, and the audio rate stuff might be harder in arduino
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