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making video bigger
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Author making video bigger
is there any way to take a video signal and process it so that it is bigger?

for some reason when i hook my computer (macbook) RCA output up to my LZX sync generator it doesn't fill the screen. my VCR does fill the screen (although it doesn't play properly either, but I'll save that for another thread)
i project it on the wall, adjust the projector's aperture and focus + distance between the projector and the wall for changing the size of the video, and then film the film the projection in hd.

i believe you can also digitally upconvert video using using certain software (or models of vhs player if you're working with vhs tape), as discussed in one of the older threads in this forum.

Does the Macbook have RCA out built in, or are you using an adapter/converter?
I'm not familiar with Apple products, but know a bunch of PC products allows you to adjust under/overscan to address issues like that either via the video card or seperately in a scan converter.
yeah that'd work but I am just looking to see if there is something i can put btwn my computer's RCA output and the LZX input that will make it take up the whole screen
Check whatever converter your using to RCA. Mine has a zoom scale button, and some left right up down Nintendo power buttons.
You could use a VGA output (instead of the RCA) and a scan converter with under/overscan features to get a little control at that point. And the upcoming LZX Color Video Decoder & Frame Synchronizer module will have full wide-range scaling/positioning controls for doing exactly what you want (as well as a lot of proc-amp stuff, too.)
i'm just using the apple converter, my old white macbook has a mini-dvi output i think it is called, and i got the dongle that gives me RCA and s-video output from that.

hmmmm overscan underscan that stuff rings a bell and i think it is possible on osx, but i'll also look into the stuff you recommend lars, i'm not sure what a scan converter is (yet) but i'll look in it, thanks.

edit: found a scan converter on ebay for $17 shipped! gonna get it, cause i have a vga dongle for the macbook as well, and with this thing i can hook up like any computer to my video gear smile
The underscan is the way it is probably because most CRT televisions don't display the full image -- and if you were trying to present or display something on one, you would lose the edges of your display. It does present an issue when trying to use the display for recording or capture, though.
that makes sense lars.

and thanks wcfields, i have tried like all different resoultions and some are better than others, but all of them leave a box around the video. I had noticed this before but it was never a huge deal with watching movies or whatever.

the scan converters i got (we have a team of video artists forming here and another guy needed one of these bad) have all kinds of controls and options so I think I am gonna be all set for now, but I'll definitely be getting that bad ass color video decoder nanners nanners nanners
you need to go to System preferences/monitors control panel.

the window that you need will be on external monitor (your video out adapter has to be connected when you do this). if you cant find it, select "gather windows" on your computer (that will be on the bottom of the main control panel). then go to options tab and click overscan


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