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Raglani's stolen gear
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Author Raglani's stolen gear
Joe Raglani (aka Raglani) and Steve Hauschildt (of Emeralds) had their gear stolen while at No Fun Fest in NYC

Thought I should repost this here:

On Tour with Steve Hauschildt in NY and our van was broken into and our gear was stolen when I went to get some pizza with Keith Fullerton Whitman at 4 in the morning. When I got back to the van a guy had our shit in his car and when I ran towards it, he tried to hit me with his car.
Here is a list of the stuff that was stolen. I will have serial numbers when I get back to STL. Please help spread the word. I am screwed without this gear.

Raglani's Stuff stolen
Moog Voyager Old School White Wash
Moog VX-351 Expander with cable
Moog Voyager Case (Raglani Stenciled in Black)
Sequential Circuits Pro One (J-Wire) With black Plastic case.
TWO Traynor KB-4 Keyboard amps. (Raglani Stenciled in white on bottom)
Pedal Board case
Flower Electronics Little Blue Boy Deluxe Custom build modular synth with wood sides.
3ms (4MS) Noise Swash Pedal. Silver
Boss Super Shifter (blue pedal)
SONY walkmen
behrienger 12 channel Mixer (silver)
Moog Ring Modulator moogerfooger pedal
Line 6 DL4 delay modeler.
Shure Microphone beta 51
DJ case with new headphones and tools. All my patch cords. Including several expensive adaptors and color cables.

Mac powerbook laptop computer
Garwin GPS

Steve Hauschildt's stolen gear

Moog Micromoog with flight case
Moog Lowpass filter moogerfooger pedal
Frostwave resonator filter pedal
Akai Headrush pedal
Boss Graphic EQ (white Pedal)
E.H. Small Stone Phaser pedal.
Behrenger xenix mixer
Various cables and adaptors

Contact with any info
josephraglani {AT} yahoo{DOT}com
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