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[SOLD OUT] - Euro Panel for L-1 Quad VCA-Mixer
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Author [SOLD OUT] - Euro Panel for L-1 Quad VCA-Mixer
These panels are sold out. If you're interested in getting one, send me a PM and I'll add you to a waitlist for another run.

Here's the panel I'm offering for L-1's Quad VCA-Mixer:

16HP, and skiff-friendly with the PCB mounted parallel to the panel.

Panels are $30USD ea.

Shipping Info
Shipping rates are per order, it doesn't matter how many panels you get:

U.S. - $5.35
Canada/Mexico - $12.95
All other countries - $16.95

These rates are for USPS Priority, which does not include tracking on international shipments. I've had a few cases where international customers have had delays receiving their panels, and the lack of tracking has been frustrating. If you would like registered mail, tracking, or insurance let me know when you place your order and I'll get back to you with a price.

Order Info
To order, send the following to me either by PM or email at clarke at muffwiggler dot com:

I'm ordering [x] pieces of the Quad VCA for $xx, plus shipping, for a total of $xx.

I'm aware that I may have to pay additional amounts of customs and tax in my country.

I'm also aware that I'm only buying screened and drilled panel that may help me building an electronic module - I'm *not* buying a diy kit, not a "project" - just a screened/drilled panel. I know how to build electronic circuits and I am trained in electrical safety matters. The seller of these panels will not be held responsible for any damage that results from these panels, directly or indirectly.

My shipping address is


My PayPal address is
My Forumname is xxxxxx

Also let me know if you'd like to add any other panels to your order, or if you want to combine shipping with an order you've already placed.

When I get your order, I will reply with a Paypal invoice, due February 27, 2012. I'm shooting to place the manufacturing order on February 20...I can always adjust the order date (in either direction) if it makes sense.
Order List

astroschnautzer - 1 Quad VCA
bkbirge - 2 Quad VCA
Chuck E. Jesus - 1 Quad VCA
corex - 1 Quad VCA
Dego - 1 Quad VCA
FingerTappin - 1 Quad VCA
fletch - 1 Quad VCA
frozenkore - 1 Quad VCA
janvanvolt - 1 Quad VCA
J3RK - 1 Quad VCA
keninverse - 2 Quad VCA
Limpmeat - 1 Quad VCA
microfauna - 2 Quad VCA
mikecameron - 1 Quad VCA
nangu - 7 Quad VCA
obscurerobot - 2 Quad VCA
regenbot - 1 Quad VCA
richard - 1 Quad VCA
ringstone - 2 Quad VCA
samih - 1 Quad VCA
samuraipizzacat29 - 4 Quad VCA
spotta - 1 Quad VCA
scozbor - 1 Quad VCA
simfonik - 1 Quad VCA
zdarma - 1 Quad VCA

I have received payment from the people in blue.
I have shipped orders to the people in green.
Ya ya ya, put be down for one. Can I get part of my paycheck redirected to your account?
I'm definitely in for at least one possibly two.
2 for me. And I agree, instant paycheck transfer would probably save a lot of time. I'm zeroing in on that all-Clarke-panel system.
One for me.

Please do the 4046 vco panel to! razz
one for me also, i'm nver getting my panels just keep adding them to the packet lol
Put one on my pile Clarke! thumbs up
Chuck E. Jesus
i'm down for one, will be my first build...
Two for me.
I'd probably be in for 1. I'm going to end up with a cabinet filled with your panels...
Oh yeah, you know I want it! 2 for me please Clarke... Guinness ftw!

Sign me up. 1 please.
Yeah, I would like one of these.
Just paid for the PCB smile

1 panel for me, please!
Changed my mind I'm definitely in for two.
one for me
Alex has got the PCB orders under way, so I'll throw open the gates on the panels as well...order instructions (which most of you are familiar with) are in the first post. If I've got the timing right, you should have a couple weeks to stuff your boards before the panels arrive.

Thanks so much guys for all your some point I'll need to take a little break to get caught up on my own backlog, but I really appreciate having you all along on this early 2012 creative burst...this is just the coolest community!
So when do you expect that you will be ready to mail these out to people?
Sorry but I find this panel way too big, even if I like your creative work. 16HP is, for me, a waste of space : Cwejman did it in 10 HP.

Please, don't take it personaly, it's just my personal opinion.

Tinfoil Hat

Still, keep the nice work ! thumbs up

Hédi K.
zdarma wrote:
So when do you expect that you will be ready to mail these out to people?

I'm planning on placing the manufacturing order on February 20, and the turnaround time is 3 weeks. That will have me shipping them out the week of March 12.
Hi Clarke,

Did you get my pm' re this panel? Sent two but I can find them in sent items seriously, i just don't get it

spotta wrote:
Did you get my pm' re this panel? Sent two but I can find them in sent items

I didn't, but if you want one I'm happy to send an invoice...let me know!
Yes mate thumbs up

Can you add one to my pile!

Anyone from Melbourne, aus wanna split shipping?
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