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Oscillators that work with Volta and Calibration Tips
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Author Oscillators that work with Volta and Calibration Tips
Thought I'd give some feedback on what is working and have a place for others to list what is working as well.

cwejman VCO-2RM
- Calibrates easily

Plan B - ELF Model 37 LFO
- This actually calibrates with Volta as a VCO. Use square wave, Frequency pot around 2 o'clock. About 4 octaves range

MFB - OSC-02
- Calibrates but was slightly tricky at first.
- Octave set to 4'
- Tune all the way up
- Triangle wave
- Then you are good.
I'd like to know if anyone had a chance to test Volta with the Moogerfooger MF-107 FreqBox?
Yes, Stretta got a FreqBox to work with Volta before it was released. I don't recall what the range was.
Bath House Q106 Oscillator - seems to calibrate fine, four easy octaves, maybe more.

- You seem to get more range out of it if you use a sine wave and start at the bottom of the range for calibration.
dvdborn wrote:
I'd like to know if anyone had a chance to test Volta with the Moogerfooger MF-107 FreqBox?

MOTU has a list of tested devices here:
after finally making my cables, i just spent some time trying to get my afg and z3000 to calibrate. it appears that the routing is correct and i have plenty of signal (the meter on my traveler indicates so). the red line moves when i manually change the frequency on my osc, and i have tried to start calibration with it in several positions in the grey bar. when i hit the calibrate button, the pitch goes up slightly and it fails. same problem, both oscs. quit and restarted live and set it up from scratch again. same problem. i have read the manual repeatedly, as well as the tips on the motu site and this forum. any other tips, anyone?
Sounds like volta is getting signal from the module, and reading the pitch ok, but CV is not being sent to the module.

At this point it is a signal flow issue. Try another cable, double check all the points on the signal flow, make sure the CV signal isn't getting mauled by gain/EQ along the way (by cuemix for example) or that something else isn't sharing the same output, etc, etc...

Confirm output on that slot works by inserting an LFO.
thanks for the help stretta. an lfo works fine to modulate pitch using the same routing. i've got nothing sharing the output, i've tried other input/output pairs, the cables test fine, i've got nothing in the cv signal path.

the weird thing is that it seems to start to calibrate, with a slight rise in pitch, but then fails. i'm stumped.
OK, good.

We've established:

1) Volta is tracking the input pitch
2) Volta is sending CV, and module is responding accordingly

Some questions:

What is your host software?
What version of volta?
What OS?
PPC or intel?
When you click the preview button, what do you hear during calibration?
Thanks again Stretta-

I'm using Live, Volta 1.01, OSX 10.5.7, Intel.

When I click preview during calibration, I hear the static pitch of the oscillator, then a slight rise in pitch.
When I click preview, I hear the static pitch of the oscillator.

OK, that is good. What do you hear when you preview during the calibration process? Does what you hear match what you see?

Just for fun, do a cable swap.

What audio interface are you using?
I swapped the cables just now. I hear a slight rise in pitch when I hit calibrate, and the red line moves to the right slightly (from about C1), then the red line flashes briefly around C6, then I get the fail message.
What audio interface are you using?
A Traveler, not MK3.
So, what you're hearing from the preview does not correlate to the red line shifing? (IE: the line jumps to C6, but you only hear a slight rise)

What waveform output are you using as a calibration return?

When you move the coarse tuning knob, does the pitch track smoothly? Is the red line fairly steady or is it bouncing around?

What is your buffer set to?
What I'm hearing doesn't seem to correlate to the red line shifting, the line is shifting an octaveish but I'm hearing less than an octave shift in pitch.

I'm using a sine wave, but I've tried the other waveform outputs, on the Z3000 and the AFG.

When I move the tuning knob, the pitch and the red line track smoothly and steadily.

The buffer is set to 512, I tried 256, no change to calibration.
What I'm hearing doesn't seem to correlate to the red line shifting, the line is shifting an octaveish but I'm hearing less than an octave shift in pitch.

That's normal. You won't hear musically sensible intervals during calibration. I'm just looking to confirm a wide, obvious difference.

Usually you can tell how well volta is reading a signal during calibration by how quickly it recognizes the incoming pitch. If it seems to struggle, or take a long time, this usually indicates a signal quality issue. The fact that you're able to track the pitch smoothly is good news, but Volta's behavior during calibration makes me think that the input signal isn't to Volta's liking.

The Traveler has switchable gain setting for inputs in Cuemix. What are these set at? Have you tried increasing the gain a bit (not to clipping, but, right up there)
Which interface output are you using for the pitch CV output, and which interface output are you using for monitoring audio? Can you show us a screenshot of the tracks in Live and your Volta config so we can see how signals are being routed? (Make sure that track I/O is enabled in the View menu.)

Specifically which version of Live are you using?
The gain is set to zero with the +4 dB input setting, the signal level is at -5 dB. I'm going straight out of the oscillator into the traveller. Using the -10 input setting overloads the input without attenuation. I attenuated the signal, and use the -10 setting to get the signal to just below clipping, no change to calibration.

I'm using the same Traveler for monitoring, outputs 1-2. Curently using input/output 5 for Volta. Live 8.0.1.
I don't know live very well, so forgive me if my suggestion seems ignorant, but what happens when you disable the record enable on the CV 5 output?

Also, in the tutorial movie, outputs are always set up in pairs, but I only see output 5 on that channel. What happens if you follow the tutorial movie setup exactly?
When I previously had disabled the record enable, Volta didn't respond to my MIDI input.

Enabling the output as a pair did it!

Thanks Stretta, and I'll go watch that video now. I was using the manual. I really appreciate the help, and Volta!

And sorry for the major thread hijack.
OK, glad to get you running before the weekend.

I don't mind the thread hijack. Hopefully the information here can help others.
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