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With the closure of the MW store the forum has gone back to being 100% community funded. To help us out the lovely Ross Lamond has put together an awesome raffle! You could win a complete modular system or one of many other great prizes. Please see the stickied thread in the For Sale subforum for details! It's my hope that we can raise our all our hosting costs through a once-yearly event like this. Thanks and good luck!

malekko most out of stock at schneiders, when new load?
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Author malekko most out of stock at schneiders, when new load?


it seems that most malekko modules are out of stock at schneiders
any news when the get a new batch of modules and the new ones like xmix and fade etc

also it would be cool so see malekko also available at escapefromnoise


Postmodular in London have a bunch of modules in stock if that helps.


i see, but at the moment i'm mostly waiting for a xmix, although there is still ena few i don't have yet,


No sign of any Xmixes making it over to Europe yet sad banana

JAGs were on sale at Schneiders a couple of weeks after they went on sale at Analogue Haven so perhaps they will be here soon.....

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