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sync in or out of the LXZ system?
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Author sync in or out of the LXZ system?
so I am starting to get some other video gear with sync inputs and outputs (it just started showing up yesterday so I'm figuring it all out now) but I'm wondering if some of the outputs or inputs on the VSG can be connected to the BNC connections such as the sync out on my mixer or the sync in on the DVE, and if they would really even get me anywhere....
hmmm..... i wonder whether or not running wires out of the appropriate pin-sockets (ie, for the bus lines that lzx visionary system uses to distribute sync between vsg cve and vwg's) of a connector of a module power-cable attached to the doepfer system bus...

or a 4hp panel, with bnc barrels on the front and wires to the hsync and vsync bus lines on tha backside.

Yeah, make sure you read the Technical Specs page on the LZX website for more information on the sync header and the signal standards.

The BNC sync I/O on old video gear is a little different from what you get out of the 1/8" jacks on the VSG frontpanel. If you need a genlock output from the LZX system, the easiest thing to do is just use an unused output from your video sync generator. Most external devices with genlock inputs can receive composite video signals just fine.

If you need separate composite sync, blanking, and subcarrier, for example, things get more complicated. Since LZX is an RGB (rather than Composite) based system, it doesn't generate subcarrier that is locked to the horizontal sync the way a broadcast system or broadcast sync generator would. So there could be some issues there.

Really it depends on what gear you've got and how you want to set it up! Can you give us some examples on what you're trying to do? That would be easier, as far as giving you advice on approaching it.
As Numan7 suggests, yes you could use the signals from the LZX sync header directly to some gear, but it's contextual. You'd want a breakout panel with 75R output drivers with the right amplitudes, usually. You could get blanking, odd/even, hsync, vsync, csync, etc. that way, but no color subcarrier.
cool. I just started hooking up my mixer (panasonic WJ-MX10) which has a TBC in it so I don't think I need to deal with sync stuff yet, but I'm starting to understand everything a bit more. thanks dudes.

I am reading up on the pinnacle prizm system I just got to see if it needs sync or not. the panasonic has a BNC for sync out and the prizm has a BNC for sync in so I am thinking that they play well together. that seems like the easy part of the pinnacle...
Yep, sounds like the best way with that setup is LZX into the Panasonic, Panasonic Sync out to Prizm sync in.

Not all "syncs" are created equal though, sometimes they mean different things. Typically on newer devices you only deal with one genlock in/genlock out, which is easier to keep track of. Much older devices may require several different types of sync signals to be distributed.
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