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CycliC: new software step sequencer
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Author CycliC: new software step sequencer
In a co-development effort with Olivier Gillet of Mutable Instruments, I’m happy to announce the release of CycliC, a new software-based step sequencer:

CycliC is based on a very straightforward concept: up to 6 independent “subsequences” traverse through a 32 step note array. Each of these subsequences can send MIDI information to a unique MIDI device and/or channel. Active notes within the note array can be selected at random, as can the note values themselves. Notes can also be constrained to musical scales if desired. The sequencer can run off of an internal clock, or via MIDI clock, and its presets can be selected via MIDI program change messages. Each subsequence can also be “reset” to its starting point at any time.

The bottom line is that in many ways, this sequencer is quite simple, but incredibly powerful. It reminds me of the hardware/software Klee, as I often get very musical and unexpected patterns from it (especially when using the randomize features, as well as the individual subsequence “resets”). But unlike the Klee, you don’t need to pore over the manual to understand what the heck is going on!

Hat’s off to Olivier for the great original idea for this, as well as feedback along the way during its creation!
Pretty rad. Playing with the demo for windows now. Just wish it could run as VST. twisted
Yeah, unfortunately not possible right now - it's built with Max, and since Cycling no longer supports plugin building (as with Pluggo), no chance of it now.... Sorry!
Fun app and syncs well with others apps too... Zero ass pain involved!

Cheers Guinness ftw!
You can't run it as a vst but you can route it's midi in and out in any DAW.

So it works in the daw environnement just like a vst.
Wanted to let folks know that a new version (v1.5) of Cyclic is now available!

There are many new features, as well as several bug fixes and a major effeciency improvement:

New Features
* VST plugin instrument hosting for up to 3 plugins
* Send two separate continuous controller MIDI streams (CC1 and CC2)
* Per step Velocity, Gate, CC1 and CC2 control
* Override Note, Velocity and/or Gate options per subsequence
* Override Velocity to zero, allows for “CC-only” subsequence
* MIDI CC control of almost all parameters, with easy to use MIDI learn feature
* Constrain random value ranges
* Added . key to toggle between Main and Setup
* Added P key for Panic
* Added LED for MIDI clock[/list]

Improvements/Bug Fixes
* Significantly reduced CPU use, especially on graphics-challenged systems
* Active step now highlighted in white, easier to see
* Updated Mutable Instruments logo
* Added tool tip for presets to remind how to store/recall presets
* Fixed Preferences name

It's a free update for existing users. Price remains the same for others.
A new version 1.7 of Cyclic is now available - there are many new features, as well as several bug fixes:

New Features
* Now supports VST, VST3 and AU plugins (AU Mac-only)
* Pentatonic scale support
* Plugin blacklisting, for plugins found to be problematic on app startup
* Now runs as 64-bit application, and only allows for 64-bit plugins
* Basic support for Dark Mode (menus and title bar only, Mac 10.14.x or greater)

Improvements / Bug Fixes
* Entirely new plugin scanning process, should be more reliable and thorough, and avoids crashes.
* Fixes major bug on newer Mac OSs, which resulted on blank white screen on startup
* App now starts up with audio switched On by default, rather than Off
* Removed option to choose whether to operate with or without plugins
* Minor user interface improvements

More info at

Still going, 5 years later? applause

I recommend adding the option to use incoming MIDI notes (instead of prog changes) for preset changes, so you can easily trigger them from keyboard/pads or any other sequencer!
Thanks! And yeah, I don't like to let these baby's die... (the software Klee just celebrated its 10th year with an update too!)

And good suggestion, will add it to the list of ideas for a future version...
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