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Volta in Logic 8
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Author Volta in Logic 8
Let's just stick to a single oscillator at this point. Th RS-90 will do.
You answer faster then i can write we're not worthy
Can you absolutely correlate the physical input number from your audio interface to the input you've assigned in Volta?
raydat does have 36

in volta i can select Manual + 36

But does not show me the Number "1"

i can my a picture if you like
strage first is missing ^^
My Question is does anyone got this running without a Motu Core Interface?
OK, we have an RME in the office and are testing it with Volta via a 2408 lightpipe. I can also confirm we don't see input '1', in the menu, although it is selectable.

So, we're trying to duplicate things here. No sense flogging away blindly. I'll update later today with any news. Worst case scenario is Volta simply can't calibrate through the RME, but we're going to see if there is anything we can do.

stretta SlayerBadger!
Now it does works with Version 1.03.

Thanks !
Synton 2500

After following these many informative posts, and working with Volta for a bit, I'm still a bit stumped:

I've successfully calibrated a Roland 702A Oscillator, a Minimoog, and an E-mμ Modular's VCO.

However, the frequency is always gradually sliding down (and sometimes up) whenever Volta is sending out it's CV, so much that if I play a scale two times in a row at a moderate tempo, it's off by a semitone the second time through the scale.

Envelope, Gate/Trig, Sequencer and Midi Modulation all work fine!

But the pitch instability makes it very difficult to use!

My setup is rather convoluted:

Volta (AU) in Logic 8, out via MADI to ProTools 8. Analog Out of 192 I/O to synth CV.

Sine wave Osc out (for calibration) to ProTools Analog in. Back to Logic via MADI.

Osc, or Modular mixer out, in to ProTools for monitoring.

I've also tried (and had success calibrating) with a Fireface 800 as the A/D and D/A, however the frequency still drifts.

Oscillators from all my Analog gear hold up fine on their own, as soon as I send CV from Volta, dooooowwwwnnn they go.

I'm hoping it's not because of the MADI connection, because then I can't use Volta in Logic!

any help greatly appreciated!
Analog Out of 192 I/O to synth CV.

Volta requires a DC-coupled audio interface.
Both the Fireface and 192 are known not to work with Volta.

RME makes a MADI to lightpipe device. Theoretically you could use that to then route to a device that converts lightpipe to DC coupled outputs, of which there are several known to work (828mk3, 2408mk3, and the RME device mentioned earlier in this thread) or maybe RME makes a device that goes directly from MADI to DC coupled outputs.

Obviously, this hasn't been tested.
Synton 2500
Thank You.

I'm using an SSL delta link to convert MADI for ProTools. I do have the device you mentioned, (ADI-648) but use more outputs from Logic than I have lightpipe inputs in PT.

I switched from the Analog out of the 192 to an 828mkII, using lightpipe from 192.

Now it works great!

thanks for your help!
Now it works great!

Most excellent! Enjoy!
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