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The Hordijk project
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Author The Hordijk project
Since I started using my Mos-Lab system, I felt I needed to add some less "classic" elements, to be able to change its "attitude", to expand its potential.

I started to gain interest in the Rob Hordijk modules as they combine very interesting and unique timbral qualities with high functional density.

It's end of december 2011 and my mind is set, I place an order for a first batch of 6 modules :

1 x Rungler
1 x Triple LF VCO
1 x Triple input filter
1 x Dual fader

I wanted to integrate the Hordijk modules with my current Mos-Lab system to form a coherent, powerful, versatile and relatively compact instrument.
To be able to do so I designed a new cabinet that is to hold 2 rows of 12 MU Mos-Lab and 2 rows of 12 MU Hordijk.

There we go ...

I had the pine panels cut at a wood workshop, they delivered sides , top, bottom and front.

All supporting elements, "rails" and finishing pieces were cut at home.
Assembly was done using glue only.

After assembly it's time for thorough sanding and staining . I used the same Congolese Wengé staining that I used for the Little Putney and my previous 5U cab.

Now let's proceed to installing, mounting and connecting the Mos-Lab modules

Integration of the new cab with the other modulars

Arrival of some Moon blanking panels

And last but not least, the Hordijk modules

I went to Den Haag in person to meet Rob and to pick up the modules. That proved to be an excellent idea as this let me have a better understanding of the whole philosophy behind the modules. Also, Rob did calibrate the modules whilst I was there and he explained every control, every parameter of the modules with patching examples.
His knowledge of analog modular synthesis is very impressive and he managed to squeeze wonderful sounds out of these few modules in a jiffy.
Watching him patch the system at the speed of light made this whole modular synthesis thing look so simple.

I returned back home the head full of questions and perplexity, I was astonished, blown away by the depth of the small system I had in my bags. I will finally be able to explore different synthesis models simultaneously. Substractive synthesis , additive synthesis, dynamic wave shaping, analogue FM, AM, ring modulation, etc. are all available for experimentation.

Not only Rob is a Master when it comes to programming a modular synth (or whatever synth for that matter), he's is also a master engineer.
He (together with his sympathetic associate, Richard) has full control over the whole module building process. He does all the R&D, prototyping, panel design, cutting, drilling, PCB etching, populating PCBs, final hardware assembly, calibration and testing in his lab... He puts all of his knowledge and experience in his modules. All used components and every piece of hardware is carefully selected for ultimate reliability and maximum comfort in use. This results in top notch products with unrivaled sonic and functional qualities in 5U.

I'm so happy I made that choice for Hordijk modules, this is definitely another league, there's nothing like it from other 5U manufacturers...
It will surely take me quite some time to grasp the full scope of the modules, to exploit their full potential, even to understand and comprehend the logic behind every control, each short, to know what I'm doing when playing the system.

In the meantime I'm fully enjoying the wonderfully charismatic analogue sounds produced by my Baby Mammoth system, patched with my limited knowledge of it.

Here's the link to my first patches :
Rob Hordijk's modules Soundcloud set

Stay tuned for further impressions...
Sorry can't comment,don't feel to well.I think have a serious case of the WANTS!
That is one hot system,damn.
screaming goo yo w00t

Nice looking system. Great work on the wood and the circuits. I can't wait to hear some tracks! thumbs up
Bryan B
That cabinet looks fantastic! Thanks for posting pics of it.
Cool setup as well.I was like "Pine ? Meh looks kinda cheap doesn't it?" but with the staining it looks a million dollars.
Congrats! w00t
woah ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cry <- tears of joy! Mr. Green

So, what is planned for the bottom row? Some Moon sequencer goodies perhaps?? 8_)
Thanks John !

In fact I'm planning on some more Hordijk module panels in the nearest possible future ... Lotsa Love

Cheers Guinness ftw!
nice to see your assessment of Rob's work

I agree with every word
Christopher Winkels
Nicely done! thumbs up
Oh wow this looks great. I've definitely been getting the Hordijk bug of late. Dead Banana
Here's a second little patch.

No filtering or reverb involved here. The sound is taken straight out of the single Sine output of LF VCO A of the Triple LF VCO, into one non modulated channel of the Dual fader.

The richness and movement of the sound comes from the interplay of the Triple LF VCO with 2 VCO HRM, cross modulating each other at audio and/or sub audio rates and using the fluctuation parameter (combined AM and FM) on LF VCO A.

The sound feels like it's moving in a three dimensional space defined by its spectral content... weird, beautiful, hypnotic and highly psychedelic Mr. Green
stunning. so much jealousy over here hihi
Wow- sweet cabinet!!!

Winkels - could you add this design to your list?

I need one!

Of course - it looks even nicer with all those great Modules!!!

we're not worthy to the king baby!!!
Christopher Winkels
metatron13 wrote:

Winkels - could you add this design to your list?

I need one!

If there's sufficient interest I could definitely provide something along those lines. The issues (as always) are size and concomitant shipping/material/yield costs.

But if folks don't mind paying, I don't mind providing. I was thinking of a four row high design at one point with multiple angles but I didn't think it would sell. I'd be happy to have people prove me wrong. lol
and yet another beautiful synthesizer instrument from der zeitdehner! we're not worthy

hmmm..... i think i would be up for one of those cases, chris-w!

looks great, I can't wait to get my panel form Rob, off topic, but I am also jealous of your Synthi 'clone' you put together
Looks wonderful!!

Orbless wrote:
jealous of your Synthi 'clone' you put together

I would like to hear more about this, too!
diophantine wrote:
Orbless wrote:
jealous of your Synthi 'clone' you put together

I would like to hear more about this, too! SlayerBadger!
Thx for that link!! screaming goo yo
Post of the month... sure


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