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My new amp
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Author My new amp
Muff Wiggler
arrives tomorrow...

...and i'm sick as hell cry
Muff Wiggler

check out the monster compression dressing on my bloody leg cry
Muff Wiggler
over at KVR it was mentioned that someone should hang onto my new amp so that i don't get it all nastied up with my crazy super infectious space herpes (i've got a bad leg ulcer with a bad staph infection)

which prompted this great image -

Holy GOD! It's getting sorta late here, and I'm a bit groggy. I click the page and see a giant picture of a compression dressing. Before I read the posts, I thought for a terrible moment that this was turning into some crazy fetish forum or something!

Oh, and the new banner looks catchy. I should rustle up some more. I was actually hoping that Chris Randall would say something rude about the muff wiggler forum (us being metasonix whores or something) so that I could quote it on a banner. Oh well...
is it yellow?

your new amp not your rather fetching leg.... meh
Muff Wiggler
no, it's brown

i can't afford me no yellow amps cry

BUT, i can't wait for you to get yours!
Muff Wiggler
o yes i remember looks super cool

no i cant wait either it kinda feels like it was made just for me `!!!!

but it all depends on selling the bassman but i am sure i can sort that out

the high e bay price is a bit of a punt but i have a couple of dealers in the uk that will take it of me for less

i am looking forward to reading a review of erics amp

as i understand it its only 15W per will that work with a loud drummer?

there is always something *sigh*

good luck with the leg
Sorry to hear about the leg/foot situation :(

Have fun with the new amp!
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