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power supply question
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Author power supply question
hey guys. i'm hoping to raise enough money ASAP to buy mono-poly's neural agonizer. i'm wondering about the addtional cost of case/power. i've never dealt with Modcan modules before. what's the best way to power this single module? any 'single' case options (ala doepfer's mini case) in Modcan/5U land?

No, but...

1.) It will be an MOTM connector (.156 four-pin) unless customization has been done.
2.) Ken Stone sells a cheap power distribution board for a small number of modules with this connector.
3.) You still need a power supply with fuse to power it.
4.) I'd recommend, assuming a Bridechamber or Stooge panel was used, picking up a pair of cheap 10U rack rails. I have some spare I'll sell you for cheap if you go this route.
5.) The Neural Agonizer is pretty damned awesome.
I got the impression that it was 6U Modcan A. In that case, the Cyndustries SixPac ($175) is the simplest racking option. If you don't want to wire up a power supply or buy a power module, you could use the wall-wart with an adapter or the MOTM adapter board.
great, thanks for the feedback guys! much appreciated.
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