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Dwarfcraft Devices - The Great Destroyer
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Author Dwarfcraft Devices - The Great Destroyer
Muff Wiggler
this thing is way too much fun, to be honest

and I love the fact that I got the 'Texas' one

Any haphazardly thrown together audio clips (or even, were there ever any audio clips posted at the DE forum)?

I need nothing fancy or elaborate or well-prepared, but I have trouble sitting through Aen's videos (no offence meant, he seems like a fine fellow, but his schtick wears thin on me), so would love to hear what it sounds like before Devi starts selling them.

Too bad the state stickers proved problematic as a going production concern, they give it all a little extra something.
Muff Wiggler
hmm i haven't followed the drama - I understood the state stickers were limited to what Aen had on hand, so I don't know what's next...

I didn't know Devi was going to sell them! That's cool, they are very very fun.

I just made a blog post about this with a bit more info.

I'll see if I can cobble together something for you, perhaps a little bit of it eating up my weak 303 clone, since that's very easy to patch up and I'm a little weak and shitty from being so sick

I'll try to remember, shoot me a PM tonight or on the weekend if I haven't done it for ya
Muff Wiggler
oh and I do totally agree that the state stickers give it something extra. In fact as shallow as I am, it was the understanding that I could "have texas" that got me to pony up for this pedal!!

(also Aen traded me for a pedal I don't use anymore....)
Muff Wiggler wrote:
hmm i haven't followed the drama

No drama, he just mentioned that it was unsustainable (presumably because he only had a few, and will probably have to make more now than he originally expected). I think once Devi starts selling them, they'll even be carried at AH (pretty sure I saw that mentioned on the AH forum recently).
Muff Wiggler
cool!! they are fun pedals indeed
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