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YAS24Q (Yet another Sync24 Question)
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Author YAS24Q (Yet another Sync24 Question)
Dumb question maybe but do any of the STG Time modules have standard Trigger/Gate output? In other words, something that is timed along with the rest of the system originating at Time Buffer?

I picked up a full set of modules but it's in build now and I'm trying to figure out the best way to wire stuff up. I know there is a time divider module still in development, maybe that is the answer.

I seek to drive other LFOs, etc.

Also wanted to know if SYNC24 ALWAYS starts on beat one; in other words, is there only two conditions, RUN (from start always) and STOPped; no continue?

we've got a module called the Time Divider which isn't ready yet, but is ready for production, which spits out a whole variety of clocks at different musically-useful divisions.

the current modules only spit gates out via the Trigger Mini-Store output, and Shift Manager stage one outputs.

the Time Divider was envisioned as part of the initial outlay but circumstances have pushed it back to this year.
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