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Volta and Live, some questions. . .
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Author Volta and Live, some questions. . .

So I am eagerly awaiting getting my hands on Volta at some point in the next 48 hours or so.

I have a few questions, specifically pertaining to Volta and the integration of CV in live.

Obviously we can bring audio back into live and use the live plugs to manipulate, mix and messa round with it.

is it possible to do the same with Volta.

Specifically i was imagining a patch which would enable me to create a Cv pitch message then modify it with various functions in live. Perhaps this is redundant (i dont have Volta yet) but was thinking of various frequency modifying things that would be quite fun to do.

Thanks for any insight. .
You can do a lot with CV in Live even without Volta, but you have to be creative.

A wav file that represents a CV voltage is not audio, so putting it through most effects does not do what you want. However, you can still do a lot, especially with volume envelopes either in Sampler/Simpler or using clip envelopes to mess with the CV.

Volta gives you calibrated cv for pitch + a lot of tools that are designed for manipulating CV in the context of a modular.

I think with MAX for Live coming we'll see all sorts of creative CV effect plugs.

I picked a really boring example in this video but it should still give you ideas.

>is it possible to do the same with Volta.
You can easily record the CV volta is sending, then mess with it or combine it at a send bus just like audio. For example, take a cv pitch melody, and randomize it using sampler and start point automation or many other things.

Here's an example of a flat CV voltage in a wav file that you can load into Simpler.

Thanks for the heads up.

I was thinking about getting some mixer modules but i'd rather be doing it in the box, glad to know that i can and I should keep spending my money on Oscillators, Filters and distortion smile
Well I wouldn't go that far, you are still going to want mixers in your rack. Trust me on that one.

There are many points in a patch where you might need a simple mixer. Check out MFB Drum-99 as a good inexpensive mixer.

Also VCAs are critical as usual. Volta does nothing to replace those.

Volta will allow you to go lighter on ADSRs and LFOs, although it is still nice to have those as well.
thanks for the heads up on the mixer.

I have got a schipmann ebbe and flut so for the time being that will take care of the VCA duties.

I might pick up the mixer as well, however my thinking was with limited budget get a few things that sound *really* good and make workarounds where you can.

I think for the moment i'll have to just stick the audio / cv back into ableton and mix there.

I have got a patch bay as the front end to it all, and 828 mk 2 for volta and a fireface 800 which is audio plus volta if i need it.. .

The basis of the system is a plan b vco and an livewire afg. then the schipmann for filtering, distortion and vca duties. Plus a metasonix ass blaster for more distortion and a makenoise mod-demod cos i thought it sounded good and they weren't a lot of money and they were limited edition.

So I got some good sounding kit but not a lot else smile I am working on the basis that i will patch in and out of live and use racks and so on for mixing duties. I know it's not ideal and there will probably be a few futzes with latency and whatknot but I figured it's an alright start to a rig. . .

I blame the schipmann. A year of humming and ha-ing as to whether to buy it (should have just bought it straight away) lead to me getting it. The announcement about volta and me deciding to make a rig all in the space of about 3 days. . .

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