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Mopho Keys or MiniBrute?
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Author Mopho Keys or MiniBrute?
I could possibly pick up a used Mopho Keyboard for around $600, or stick with my preordered (but not yet paid for) miniBrute. I thought I could satiate myself with an Octatrack and iPad with apps...I guess not. I need a keyboard...thoughts?
I must say the Arturia fits in better with my personal aesthetic, but the Mopho has a little more modulation power power under the hood.
Bath House
It really depends on the sound and vibe you're after. The Mopho Keyboard is pretty amazing for actually playing/rocking out, between the keyboard's size and aftertouch. The architecture is deep enough that between all of the LFO's and the sequence, you can definitely make patches that are an entire song or beat due to how much they have going on.
I am after have sound. Analog hardware sound makers.
I have not heard a Minibrute in person, but when IO played the Mopho keyboard, I was blown away by the sound. I only got to rummage through some prestes and tweak for a lunch break, but I was surprised how full it sounded. All of the new Dave Smith instruments are versatile. The Mopho is ugly. But it has a nice personality.
Risto Esquina
Minibrute for me.

Better, more easily navigated interface. Great flexibility with the filter options. The current crop of DSI instruments sounds "nice", but that's both their plus and their downside: it's only "nice".

Ultimately I'd try both though and see what works for your ears.
some key points :

Mopho has presets, Minibrute not.

The minibrute will be a good friend with a modular because of the CV/Gates outs, and can work as a midi/cv converter.

Mopho is more classic, filter etc, minibrute more special waveshapers, special filter, wave mixing, metalizer etc.

2 octave keys on minibrute, a little more on the mopho
cv slime 800
Anyone using a Mopho keyboard in combination with a Tetra for poly? Seems like it would make the Tetra a lot more easily tweakable in a nice compact combo.
I've got the Mopho and the Tetr4.

I think the Mopho alone is cool- the sounds are great, the build is solid and its DSI- no compromises and a lot of features in a small package.

But I do love the fact that the Tetr4 gives me polyphony for chords and whatnot.
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