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DIY Drum Modules
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Author DIY Drum Modules
Hi all. Are there any DIY options out there for drum modules?

I've been looking at the MFB euro modules but i'm not sure about their sound and overall quality.

Anyway, I'd really love to have a module(s) that provided my euro rack with a kick ass tweakable Bass Drum, Snare and HH at the minimum.

tony d
I think ken stone offers a few
the bad producer
Also check out the Thomas Henry Mega Percussive Synthesizer:

You can get the circuit boards for this (see first post) - it sounds... well it sounds 8_)


Also do check out the CGS boards as tony d recommends, they also sound 8_)
tony d wrote:
I think ken stone offers a few

Just have won an auction for a Drum Sim. and it makes a very cool bass drum! Actually two of them, Recommended!
I like the CGS Dual Drum so much I bought a second one.

I bought one that someone else had DIYed with course and fine resonance controls brought out to the front instead of trimpots.
They also used HUGE capacitors on one channel to extend the bass range.

The second one I bought is a MetalBox one (MetalBox makes beautifully high quality front panels BTW).

So in total these 4 drums take up 3 Frac units.

I think the ideal build would be in 1FU like the standard MetalBox version, but with the addition of a multiturn pot for the resonance of one channel.
(and the bassy capacitors on one channel if you want a solid floor tom/bass drum with some effort).
i have 3 th-mps boards awaiting for my drum synth
also worth keeping posted on is bubblesounds's sds3 voice pcbs that have been in the pipeline for a few years now
Junk Rhythm
Thomas Henry Clangora
Thomas Henry Bass++
Thomas Henry MPS
Thomas Henry UD-1

There is also The Electronic Drum Cookbook written by Thomas Henry which could be a good resource. It is currently distributed by Magic Smoke. I haven't read it yet so I can't really give an honest review. I'm sure some old Roland drum circuits could be adapted to work within a modular as well. I suggest hitting up a search on the electro-music forums because I know there are a few other circuits floating around that escape my memory.

[quote="Luka"also worth keeping posted on is bubblesounds's sds3 voice pcbs that have been in the pipeline for a few years now[/quote]

I still have my fingers crossed that it will still become available.
Lets hope for the sds3 pcbs. Go go go bubblechamber!
The original is amazing. w00t
wow. fantabulous info

I'm sure glad I peered down the DIY path because it seems like there are some great options.

I'd classify myself as very serious about the electronic beat making/percussion so I'd like to get something than would allow me to get some pretty diverse sounds (from glitchy pops, clicks, noise all the way to an 808) on top of being able to mix them properly.

Looks like I've got some research to do...
Hi, you might want to have a look at the XOXbox project. Even if you don't get one (There's usually a substantial wait, which tells you something!) there's quite a bit of useful info there about the drum circuits used and seq related drum stuff you can apply toyour own DIY.
Kind regards, Randal
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