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With the closure of the MW store the forum has gone back to being 100% community funded. To help us out the lovely Ross Lamond has put together an awesome raffle! You could win a complete modular system or one of many other great prizes. Please see the stickied thread in the For Sale subforum for details! It's my hope that we can raise our all our hosting costs through a once-yearly event like this. Thanks and good luck!

Glitch 2
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Author Glitch 2


For fans of FSU plugs the new version of Glitch might be of interest. Now also for Mac and Linux.


Awesome news! dblue Glitch was the first plugin I had the pleasure of overusing. I'll take it easy this time(well, maybe not too easy...) but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss this since I moved to logic.


hell yes! even with other tempo based fsu tools, i've missed this since moving to mac as well.


But it costs money hmmm.....


ThecureForSin wrote:
But it costs money hmmm.....

sometimes plugins do.


I was half joking, but the appeal to the original was that it was free! This new one reminds me more of Sugar Bytes Effectrix. Cheaper than that though!


I much prefer even the free version of Glitch to Effectrix. I'm buying Glitch 2 just out of lingering guilt over using Glitch 1 for like 5 years for free. Even if Glitch 2 is terrible, I'm paying gladly. SlayerBadger!

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