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Happy new year to everyone! Thanks for being part of this place, every year you all get cooler and cooler. Apologies to everyone waiting on me for PMs, emails, subforum creation, etc. The holidays have been super busy! I'll be catching up over the next week, please hit me up again at that point if I haven't gotten back to you yet. Sorry for the delay. Thanks! <3

René glide question
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Author René glide question
Hi there, I just plugged in my rené for the first time two days ago and I love it. But after diving in and learning it's functionality I have run into a bit of a wall in the glide section.

I turned on the glide for X in the X-Fun section and I couldn't hear any glide.

I read in the manual that it needs a gate signal coming into the X-Mod. So I took a gate from my RCD that was identical to the clock gng into the René and still nothing.

I tried about a dozen other patches to try and identify what was wrong.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but I feel like I've tried everything, I'd really appreciate some help figuring out how to get the glide functioning.
i think glide only affects one of the two cv outputs, not sure which one though.. perhaps this is your problem ?
Never mind, I'm an idiot.

I was sending a clock to the clk input and the mod input...

I didn't realize you only need the mod input.

AFAIK, glide affects only the quantized CV out. I could be wrong though.

I assume you got it to work?
I'm pretty sure glide only works for QCV.
I had some issues with figuring out the glide. I wasn't aware that the pots actually act as attenuators and you need to have the associated pot turned up at least 20% before CV will pass into the Rene.
IMUR wrote:
So I took a gate from my RCD that was identical to the clock gng into the René and still nothing.

the glide effect happens when the gate is high, try a longer gate, that spans over 2 notes at least hihi
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