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René glide question
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Author René glide question


Hi there, I just plugged in my rené for the first time two days ago and I love it. But after diving in and learning it's functionality I have run into a bit of a wall in the glide section.

I turned on the glide for X in the X-Fun section and I couldn't hear any glide.

I read in the manual that it needs a gate signal coming into the X-Mod. So I took a gate from my RCD that was identical to the clock gng into the René and still nothing.

I tried about a dozen other patches to try and identify what was wrong.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but I feel like I've tried everything, I'd really appreciate some help figuring out how to get the glide functioning.


i think glide only affects one of the two cv outputs, not sure which one though.. perhaps this is your problem ?


Never mind, I'm an idiot.

I was sending a clock to the clk input and the mod input...

I didn't realize you only need the mod input.



AFAIK, glide affects only the quantized CV out. I could be wrong though.

I assume you got it to work?


I'm pretty sure glide only works for QCV.


I had some issues with figuring out the glide. I wasn't aware that the pots actually act as attenuators and you need to have the associated pot turned up at least 20% before CV will pass into the Rene.


IMUR wrote:
So I took a gate from my RCD that was identical to the clock gng into the René and still nothing.

the glide effect happens when the gate is high, try a longer gate, that spans over 2 notes at least hihi

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