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Analogue Solutions Telemark-K semi-modular SEM keyboard
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Author Analogue Solutions Telemark-K semi-modular SEM keyboard
What does everyone think?

What do you think of the price?

What do you think of the functionality and versatility as a stand-alone semi-modular keyboard synth?

What I mean is do you think the patching options and possibilities can get fun and interesting by using the unit as a stand-alone synth and not hooked up to other external modular gear?

I think it looks pretty great but I'm not sure about the price though.


seems genius to me. might not be so cost efficient for some of us (though it seems competitive to me), but I bet there's a whole raft of less technical musicians who would love an all in one "proper analogue" solution like this.
3 or 6 u of euro above that would be a blast!
The price looks good. Bit hard to judge the quality of the sound - but it sounds ok. I don't know how much it sounds like a SEM but I'd judge it on it's own merits.

Actually it's a bit unfortunate the SEMs are now available because comparisons are always a bit pointless.
Sir Ruff
That actually looks pretty awesome, and the price seems reasonably given what the normal telemark goes for - a new TO SEM with keyboard certainly would be no less.
I don't think it sounds much like a SEM, but supposedly sounds good regardless. I would think it makes more sense to compare it to an MS-20 actually.

I kind of want one... lol
I actually really like the sound of the original Telemark. However, it's not without it's quirks - the S/H doesn't seem very 'strong' on my unit and there is some bleed in the VCA. Still, it's very useful as part of a Euro setup.

Having said that; I wouldn't buy from ASol again.
the first time i got the Telemark out of its shoddy box and broken bits of polystyrene i thought "what the f***?"

not cheap to buy, but the build quality.......panels not meeting each other properly, and when you tapped on the side of it it sounded like an empty oil canister. i was embarrassed to put it out in our studio, to be honest

the oberheim's build quality is LEAGUES ahead


what is wrong with posting an updated version of a post in a different section where other users that prob didn't see the original post might see the new one and comment to make a more interesting topic and thread?

Analogue Solutions do make euro-rack don't they?

so what is the problem?

and whats up with all these annoying rules?

seriously. its just a forum.

seems like you really do like fighting and arguing...

anyone else ever get annoyed with these little rules? geez. what a hassle just to use this thing.
ASol make Euro stuff, but the Telemark isn't Euro.
i guess it stops it all getting really messy, with too much cross-over between forums.
I absolutely love the Telemark. The build on mine is rock solid. Super versatile, and sounds freaking killer. Really great for percussive sounds.
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