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Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 Mix Control 
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Author Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 Mix Control


I am trying to set up MixControl for quadraphonic output. I have audio in Logic that I am routing through the MixControl. 12 channels all together in Logic routed to 12 channels in the MixControl. Channels 1 & 2 are working normal, sending each channel left front and right front.
But with Channel 3 (Logic), when the audio plays, it is present in channels 3,4 and 6 (MixControl). There audio in channel 4 (Logic) is not coming through to the MixControl at all.
Can anyone help me figure this out?

Thanks in advance
very frustrating

Count Edlington

You need to route the daw to the outputs in the mix control window. Click on out 3 or 4 and select daw 3 and 4 for out 4. I'm doing this from memory so I might be wrong and also a little late since you posted this a month ago......
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