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1 U blank panel?
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Author 1 U blank panel?
What source would you recommend for a 1 U, 19 inch blank panel?
It is for a bunch of mini jacks and attenuators, so it needs to have some kind of reinforcement in the horizontal plane (perhaps L or U shaped).
plenty of dealers in Denmark, last I checked - one good one in Rødovre, but IIRC they just moved.
Yeah, but that one is just to cover a hole. I need something like this: px
LDT wrote:
Yeah, but that one is just to cover a hole.
what do you mean? It's 2mm aluminium, with a u-shape for stiffness, EXACTLY what you asked for? And the link you showed... is exactly the same! :-?
- only difference is I *know* that the adamhall one is aluminium, not steel...
Ah, it seems that I missed the blatantly obvious fact that it is U-SHAPED! d'oh!

Thanks, goal achieved.

Oh, and in case you wondered: It is for getting the max out of my Ebbe & Flut. It has these super snappy AHR envelopes with total VC. I want it all attenuated and euro-inviting (mini jacks).
Just FYI for anyone looking at this thread and is from the USA/Canada etc, here is a good source for similar panels for a low price. I haven't purchased any of these but I buy my synth cases from them and they are an excelent company: lanks_cutsheet.shtml
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