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Plan B M15 Subcon M15 difference?
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Author Plan B M15 Subcon M15 difference?
Probably a dumb question but is there a difference between the PB M15 and the Subconscious Studios M15? Or the LFO modules for that matter?
It's been answered elsewhere, but main answer is some design improvements, plus Subcon versions are assembled by precision industrial robots using SMT parts rather than guys with varying soldering skills using through-hole parts...
Thanks very much. thumbs up Sorry for the non search. d'oh!
Thanks, yes it is mostly SMT, but there is also through-hole parts hand applied by skilled factory technicians. Some benefits of the new design:

subcon PWM function is wider and has smoother cv control.
Morph cv control and function are smoother

Otherwise its a very traditional M15. !
Thanks cEv. Already purchased from you on Wed. Should be arriving Sat.
So has anyone actually owned both versions or compared them? Does the PWM work better on the Subconcious version? For as much praise as the Plan B Model 15 has received, there seems to be little mention of the Subconcious version storming the scene. I hope the venture panned out for Subconcious.
I don't think its been talked up as much because there are so many oscillators available now and people want the latest new release.
When the Plan B M15 version was released the competition was Livewire, Doepfer and Asys.

It was a module that many people raved about - i didn't see what for the fuss was about until i bought the Sub Con version - then i understood.

Its just got something. I guess guitarists would call it "tone".

There are demos comparing the 2 - the sub con seems a little cleaner, the PWM is certainly wider and i believe the tracking is better.
I'd highly recommend it - it sounds fantastic FM'd.
Overall, its just got character lacking in other osc's.
sure the old m15 sounds more vintage Lolhammer!
Have one of each (old and new) and love them both.

Always difficult to compare as the original M15's were variable anyway.

You can't go wrong with cEvin's M15 IMHO
I've owned v2.1 plan B M15's and now i have the new subcon one.. Still the same sound i loved from the original but with much greater tracking stability and the PWM is SIGNIFICANTLY improved.

The original plan-b pwm range made no sense whatsoever but was easy enough to remedy by patching the sine out into the pwm in.
I have no idea why that worked but it did.

It is sooooo nice to have the M15 back in my system again even though this time around it is only one.
the subcon looks badass. At first I was just ok with the paintjob. But the more I look at it. The more I like it. It really shows everything you need to see clearly. It sets the mood...the black drippy mood.
New m15 owns hard.
Agreed. I picked up a M15/M37 combo last month and I've been enjoying them both. The wave-morph output, the sync, the FM = yum. The build quality is great, knobs and jacks feel wonderful.

Where can I listen some good demos about this beast? Can't find nothing on the site nor the tube..

It looks evil, I like it. twisted
m15 will give you many big evil boners. screaming goo yo
I can't stop watching at it, bloody hell, the Sub Con version looks amazing.

I'm really interested to learn more about the M15:
is it good for percussive sound?
I just own one oscillator at the time, an A-110, is it good enough to FM an M15? Sorry if these sound like stupid questions.. .. oops

And another one, I see in the website that it's a limited edition: is it going fast? At the time my wallet is cry so I hope it will not become something really hard to find in the (second hand) market..

Thanks in advance, any thought will be appreciated.
Why does the M15 have 2 Freq Cv ins with attenuators but no PWM attenuator?
On the subject of getting hold of an M15 - does anyone know if there's a European distributor??
not yet

only way is either analogue haven or subconscious site
There's a lot of reverence on MW for the M15 and it's great that subcon have fixed the crap tracking and dodgy PWM of the original, but if you're thinking of buying one don't be swayed into thinking there's anything special beyond the FM. I don't mean to be an iconoclast but, besides the FM, it's no better or worse than any other triangle core VCO and nowhere near as interesting/versatile some more recent designs such as the Livewire AFG and Cwejman VCO-6.
John Noble
There's no accounting for taste, but my $0.02 on the Subcon M15 is that it lives up to the hype surrounding the original.
AntManBee wrote:
... besides the FM...

What do you mean, 'besides the FM'? lol
Navs wrote:
AntManBee wrote:
... besides the FM...

What do you mean, 'besides the FM'? lol

thumbs up
Yeah, I know, the M15 is great when used for FM, but in my experience no better than the VCO-6 or AFG (and Navs your AFG vs VCO-6 post was in part what made me buy both the AFG & VCO-6) which both do a whole lot more besides. I fail to understand the almost mystical reverence for the M15.
you must not have had a good one.
The M15 was special enough for us to get involved.
Always was one of my faves in my rack, and I have the other 2.
(Its like saying there was nothing special about a TB303 OSC)

thumbs up
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