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Welcome to the Wiard subforum!
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Author Welcome to the Wiard subforum!
Muff Wiggler
Edit March 21/2009: This forum has now been transformed into Buchla, EMS, Serge & Wiard! It was once 'only' the Wiard subforum. I'll keep the original welcome message here for posterity...


Zerosum had a great idea and asked if I would make a Wiard subforum.

As a HUGE fan of Wiard, I totally agree. There's only a few discussions at the moment, but I've moved them all into this new forum.

Hopefully one effect this move will have is to prompt more discussions about the Wiard gear. There's nothing like this stuff!

And hopefully we will also enjoy the "if you build it, they will come" effect - with a little luck this new forum will draw some of the Wiard-faithful from around the web to sign up and participate.

Anyway, have fun! Everyone needs some Wiard in their rig 8)
Right on!
I really like Grant's designs and ideology behind the modules he creates.
It will be cool to have a dedicated section for Wiard research,users,patches, and all the other cool stuff you would see on a forum.
indeed. a necessary subforum. i have no idea when i'll have some wiard in the rack. i really wanted to bid on that noisering recently but too broke. however, as i've mentioned, i do plan on acquiring a 311 controller. hopefully this year!!!
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