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Full audio from Leeds live set
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Author Full audio from Leeds live set
OK, here it is warts and all.

Nice Sounds thumbs up
Good stuff, Dan! applause
Bloody Wonder!
Thanks Guinness ftw!
What warts? hmmm.....
listened to this on the drive in this morning, pretty outstanding stuff!
fap fap fap... fap fap fap... fap fap fap... fap fap fap... fap fap fap... fap fap fap... fap fap fap... fap fap fap... fap fap fap... The Chewbacca Defense The Chewbacca Defense The Chewbacca Defense The Chewbacca Defense

FUCK YEAH! It's motherfucking bacon yo It's peanut butter jelly time! It's peanut butter jelly time! It's motherfucking bacon yo SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!
Umcorps wrote:
What warts? hmmm.....

Exactly what I was thinking. Loved the brutal acid lines around 7 minutes in!
that was really good! Guinness ftw!

Thanks for listening and posting back. It means a lot that you liked it. I find it difficult to know if stuff I do is actualy any good or not, I have such diverse tastes that I could easily be wide of the mark.

There were a couple of bits that I didn't quite get right but its easier to be critical and spot them if its your own stuff. Thanks for not noticing..... or keeping quiet if you did ;-)

Playing out with the Modular was a very positive experience that I hope to repeat. Probably not too easy to get a gig with though. I would also like to do some experimental stuff out live as well, that is probably ecen harder to get a gig with so doubtfull.

The Bug Modular sounded realy nice through the soundsytem, its deffinately got a sound of its own that translates very well through a big rig.

I think playing through a big system is where you would easily notice the difference from a laptop to a propper analogue setup.
There are people interested in putting on events with modular musicians.

Don't give up hope.
Dan, personally I couldn't disagree more on the point regarding gigging with a modular. I know many people LOVE to see the music being created on the spot and NOT being streamed from a laptop. That goes especially for the electro crowd I know. There is a reason for bands like Electro Guzzi to be so succesfull right now, because (many) people are fed up by laptop performers.

Also nothing wrong with diversity. I am currently starting a minimal project where I do the beats "live" on op1 with some add on gear and there is a lot of space for experimentation. I would go so far and say you could anything AS LONG as there is a 4tothefloor bass drum running.

Go for it!
That was great, thanks for posting! Would love to hear stuff like this live nanners

blu lu, would love to hear your new stuff, I think you certainly have the OP-1 sorted mate. I keep thinking about trying to integrate it into a setup myself but mainly use mine on its own to jam with when I'm away.

Hopefully your right and there are oppertunitys for live stuff. I may try to start organising some events myself. Time is always the problem though.

Next Leeds event is allready looking like its going to be amazing, I think they are going to develop into something pretty big.
I dont know why anybody would listen to this pile of rubbish, i was standing right next to him and it was all presets, do you here me all presets,I couldnt believe my eyes heheheheheheheheheehehehe lol lol lol lol lol lol
Its just an Apple Mac running Ableton hidden behind a BugBrand Fascia.

Mr. Green
actually dan can i be your assistant next time guffaw guffaw guffaw applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause
I really like this Dan - great creativity
seems like many don't want to use computers with the modular - I like integrating both
I posted a live set somewhere here a while back that was computer and modular-seemed like it worked o.k.
^ Thanks Randy thumbs up

I have come close to buying a MacBook a couple of times over the last year or 2, MAX.MSP is the draw for me though, I think it could work well with the modular but for me at the moment I just prefer using modular either on its own or with the Tempest. I don't ever use a computer in the studio either, not because I think its wrong, ust because for me its not as much fun.
I was going to use the Tempest for this gig but then came over all precious as it was a Modular event.
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