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Availability? 300 series
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Author Availability? 300 series
Are 300 series modules still available to order or is it a case of waiting for S/H stuff to come up? Heard a couple of systems lately and was impressed.
they're being built again but with a waiting time. I was quoted May or June in a recent enquiry.

I haven't really played much stuff but there is really not much else like Wiard around. They sometimes get bad reputation for some of the eccentricities of their design, such as panels that look the same, or lack of documentation.

IMO there's nothing like Wiard around. Still haven't heard all of the 300 modules, or really used some of the other synths in similar range such as Serge or Buchla, so I can't talk with too much authority.

It's worth digging around in the Wiard Yahoo group. You can come and see my system if you like. Should be adding a Waveform City to the mix quite soon.
^ It would be cool to come down and take a look, I would of had a go at the leeds event but not the best time to ask when you have it set up ready for your set.

I may have a job coming up near Oxford in the next few weeks, I'll give you a shout.

I'd contact Cary about availability.

I think re Wiard it is what you get used to. I have no problem with the common layout - as for the "eccentricities" again it is what you are used to. I always get a bit stuck with Blacet EGs but am ok with the Wiard envelators.
I think they are up to speed now, but recall they are hand built to order. In any case you won't have to wait as long as I did (since I put my order in when they were not actually building any 300s!). If you are thinking about it, you should jump in.

They are beautiful, fun to play with, and sound great.
I placed an order in December, and I am supposed to have a couple modules sent out sometime in the next week or so. The rest Cary said should be done by the end of April or so. If you can wait a few months, I would say go ahead and do it.
So far, with only the wfc and borg, it's quite a system with only two modules!
Oh, and linking it up with the bug is, umm, SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!
Go for it!
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