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Battlefield 3 - Euro, Cwejman and Metasonix lovin'
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Author Battlefield 3 - Euro, Cwejman and Metasonix lovin'

Plenty of eurorack mayhem on the Battlefield 3 Soundtrack by Jukka Rintamäki and Johan Skugge, aka No Science

Link to spotify playlist - SPOTIFY
And my own little plug, and whilst not 'musical' as such, as I work as a Sound Designer/Audio Director at DICE, I used plenty of snippets of wowa green Cwejman! and eric yellow Metasonix! as sound design elements (although the majority is "real" real recordings) from Molly, Pauline and Rachel

whilst making Battlefield 3, which has gone down super well and bagged the DICE.Audio team a ton of awards;

AIAS - Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design LINK

GANG Awards - Audio of the Year & Sound Design of the Year & Best Audio Mix - LINK

And last night 3 BAFTAS, for Multiplayer, GAME Award and

BAFTA - Audio Achievement

Which we also won last year for Battlefield Bad Company 2

Anyway enough about my shameless plug - I just wanted to thank everyone on the forum for all the information they share on here. The inspiration and ideas that I get from reading all your amazing posts gives me so many new angles and ideas - super thanks /ben (and the rest of DICE.Audio)

Enjoy! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!

Oh and the laser rifles in BF Heroes

Have some euro bleeps/pulses in courtesy of Molly/Rachel/Pauline and a 6 pack of people's beer (careful now!) with Andreas at the helm.
YES! oh for heaven's sake, i knew there was a reason that the battlefield 3 preview vids i watched sounded like metasonix. fantastic, so happy to have you here on the forums. i've been a fan of the battlefield series since 1942 (ha).

it's obvious you've heard it from a lot of people, but absolutely fantastic job with the sound design on this game. truly truly impressive noises.
This rig does not have any actual audio in BF3. But it might have been an inspiration to some cool stuff in the Frostbite Engine =)

Congrats on all the awards Ben!

Congrats on your award for making Frostbite 2 Peter! Can't do this without kickass tools smile

Aha so thats where you got the bendy wire idea thing from

Frostbite 1 just had straight ones!

Now with curves - mmmm

( for more info)
Congrats lads... and if you need some ambient/horror parts you know where to find me.

Now let´s meet. Synth Meet. Bring it on.
how did you get the job with DICE? they're a great company, from the outside.
Started at Acclaim in 98

Moved to Criterion in 00

After 7 years of cars/Burnout wanted to do guns, after getting a taste for doing them on Black

Internal transfer to DICE in 07

DICE is awesome - they just took the whole company to Dubai for the week to bling it up in a 5 star hotel - just to say thanks for BF3 smile Oh and 20 years of DICE / 10 years of Battlefield
geeze, you've been in it for a while. do you have a sound design degree?
This thread is awesome.

I have over 250 hours logged on BF3, and I was chatting with my buddies the other night about how one of the main reasons I keep playing and find so much replay value with the game is the SOUND.

I have crushed the game in multiplayer at this point, but the sound keeps me entertained. It seriously has some of the best sound design and soundtracks I've ever heard in a game. From the ambient sounds to the gun shots to the vehicles. Top notch.

I swore up and down to my brother, who plays with me quite often, that I was hearing Eurorack modular in some of it... thank you for proving me very, very right on that call.

I also sore up and down that the signature BF3 distorted riff that plays during the trailer, and when you gain a level, etc, has some Plague Bearer or Metasonix all over it. I kept telling my bro 'I KNOW THAT DISTORTION" and he thought I was crazy.

Anyway, thank you for keeping my crazy ears entertained. Great work headbang
What VanEck said...

Although, I only have 99 hours logged but its far more than any other game. The sound design is so real its horrifying. The crack of the sniper rifles, the delays between the seeing and hearing the explosions, tinnitus, low-pass environmental filtering, all these details make it easily the best game I've ever heard. Your awards are rightfully deserved and, to me, is no surprise!

I've commented numerous times to friends, colleagues and people who don't care that this is probably the best multiplayer game I've ever played.

With all that said, this version is still the best:
Thanks loads! we're not worthy

No formal training - a masters degree in Computational Fluid Dynamics and then just kept following my passion for "noises" - I didn't even know what a Sound Designer was when I got my first gig - I just used to mess around with home recordings, tape and car boot sale synths

There are tiny bits of metasonix distortion in some BF3 sounds - not a lot but some - used more as source elements, instead of processing

The BF3 stinger distortion - thats from the bog standard basic distortion tool that comes with Sound Forge/Vegas!

And I've posted this before, but its just a clip to show the effort we go to, to record real things - this clip only shows around 40 channels of the total 112 we used for the shoot

Again big thanks to everyone who posts on here - you can see the tool we work with, FrostBite, is modularish (like Max, Reaktor etc.) and reading about people's experiences and patches on here, and then trying them out at home, is a great and much valued creative/intellectual boost to my work here. Big thanks again.

Anyone on Xbox, my tag is the same as my forum name if you fancy trying to grab some Dev Tags Mr. Green

We joked about adding an 8bit setting along with war tapes - fun
the soundtrack is amazing!

i know that this is not a game forum but anyone who play this amazing game add me!

ps3 is robocoder

great work on sound design sir
Very cool to see you post here. Kudos for all the awards, they are seriously well deserved... I've got over 150 hours in (painful when put that way), and the sound design still blows me away. Thanks for adding so much depth and detail to a great game.
That trailer sounds really great.. i like how the distortion becomes thematic ending with it clipping out..i thought something was wrong for a moment. very nice!

and i have always thought you have the best euro all that cwejman!!!
Congrats, this is by far one of my favorite games of all time, and the sound is VERY much a part of that!

And i'm Chaorta on XBL, i may not get to knife you, but i'll totally jihad jeep you razz
jiblite wrote:

This is an excellent demonstration of how radically different the frequency response of various microphones can be. It almost sounds like a different gun is being fired in each of the examples.
Amazing and inspiring work on that game on many fronts!

There's a running joke with me and my brother about the sound in Battlefield Anytime some loud distortion kicks in one of us says "... someone told me there was dubstep in this game" in a really disappointed voice. But the truth is I freakin love the distortion and synth work.

Not to mention the environmental sounds when you're playing. 5.1 is a MUST.
Volt Gaat Kraken
How cool to read about this and see/hear some examples.

I have sometimes considered to start with sound design, but never took the plunge

It would be my dreamjob though. For movies or games, wouldn't matter.

Are there some good resources like forums or blogs to get things going?
DruidTek - yeah the mics play a big part, but the biggest game changer is the preamp, game stage and limiter - we hit the limiters very hard - best one for guns is the (looks like LEGO/kids toy) Fostex FR2

Yeah Mari, my lady, does most of the ambience work - so much love, detail and lots of stories in each one - she rocks

Sound Design resources - old but awesome Murch, Burtt, Rydstrom articles - so much on there and infinite links to everything else
Vav - this isn't you is it? razz

1 min 55 with your jihad jeep ploy?
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