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correct standoffs
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Author correct standoffs
What is the standard 'short' standoff size used in most (at least all the ones I've built) module kits? Even better, does anyone have the Mouser part number?

the standoffs ive used in MOTM kits is more of a bolt/starwasher/nut with a round cylinder standoff that sits between the bracket and the pcb.

for my own diy--
i ordered up a bunch of 4-40 screws/starwashers/standoffs from mcmaster-carr awhile back.
much easier ordering this kind of stuff from them instead of mouser or digikey...
I've been using a variation on what motm provides. I get #6-32 x XXin machine screw and nut combo bags at home depot - the XX being anywhere from 1/2in up to 1 1/2in, depending on what's needed. Then instead of using those round standoffs, that I'm constantly going crazy trying to install, I buy these threaded hexagonal standoffs from mouser -

534-2208 - 1/4in
534-2209 - 3/8in
534-2210 - 1/2in

They screw right on, and stay on, so getting the whole mess attached to the bracket is a lot easier.

(oh, and thanks for reminding me - I'm out of the 1/4in ones, which I use the most - I'll click on the order button on the other page I have open!)
The vast majority of PCBs use either a 4-40 thread or 6-32 thread standoff. For example, most larger PCBs such as those by MOTM use 6-32 mounting holes, whereas smaller ones often use 4-40. The difference is sort of negligible, but I think it's enough to warrant having a handful of both sizes available.

When mounting a PCB against a bracket, 3/8" is usually a good number. Short enough not to be awkward, but long enough to have solid clearance for the soldered leads and room to run wires beneath the PCB. I prefer using aluminum hex shaped female-female threaded standoffs - screw it in from both sides with a short 1/4" screw and place a small washer between the screw and the PCB. The plastic/nylon standoffs are often a bit too fiddly for me, and realistically there isn't a need for them even on crowded PCBs - most designers aren't stupid enough to place sensitive components close enough to a mounting hole to warrant the need for nylon or plastic.

Sorry to make things difficult, but don't bother ordering screws and standoffs from Mouser. The standoffs are usually decently priced, but the screws and washers are ridiculously more expensive than a place like McMaster-Carr. Open an order from McMaster and get it all in one go - buy a bag of 100 6-32 screws, 100 4-40 screws, 100 aluminum washers, and a handful of aluminum standoffs in both sizes. An order like that from McMaster will be about $15, whereas a similar order from Mouser could easily top $40.
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